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"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time" - Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.
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JUlaVIEX Refurbished Fastest & Healthiest Way To Juice

JUlaVIE X now uses up to 10 tons of force
Health buffs, juice enthusiasts, and even people curious about juicing have all been steering towards cold press juicing. This way of juicing fruits and vegetables uses a hydraulic press that uses tons of force to extract liquid from different kinds of produce.



Save Time. Juice More.


The brand new JUlaVIE X is the only cold-pressed juicer that delivers 100% pure cold press juice in just 30 seconds. It was created to address your need for an easy to use juicer without any assembly that can give you optimum nutrition of endless combinations of fruits and vegetables, that you’re having a hard time incorporating in your daily diet.  It also makes cleaning a juicer a thing of the past as it is a zero cleaning juicer where the food never touches the juicer.