Cold-Pressed Juicing Made Simple And Easy!

A true cold-pressed juicer

JUlaVIE X now uses up to 10 tons of force

Health buffs, juice enthusiasts, and even people curious about juicing have all been steering towards cold press juicing. This way of juicing fruits and vegetables uses a hydraulic press that uses tons of force to extract liquid from different kinds of produce.

What sets it apart from other juicing machines is that it does not blend and introduce heat and air in the process. This keeps most nutrients and minerals in the juicing process.

JUlaVIEX Fastest & Healthiest Way To Juice

JUlaVIEX Fastest & Healthiest Way To Juice

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Save Time. Juice More.


The brand new JUlaVIE X is the only cold-pressed juicer that delivers 100% pure cold press juice in just 30 seconds. It was created to address your need for an easy to use juicer without any assembly that can give you optimum nutrition of endless combinations of fruits and vegetables, that you’re having a hard time incorporating in your daily diet.  It also makes cleaning a juicer a thing of the past as it is a zero cleaning juicer where the food never touches the juicer.

Discover the JUlaVIEX the future of juicing

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The JulavieX Cold Press Juicer Includes:

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Juicing Unit

JUlaVIEX BPA Free Recyclable Inner Filter

JUlaVIEX Silicon Bag, Can Be Used Up To 1000 Times

Instruction Manual

Juice Extracting Gloves

24×7 Support & Warranty

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Weight: 17.2kg~

Internal Pressure: About 8 Tons To 10 Tons

Voltage: 60V-120V, 220V-240V

Size: 285MM L X 284MM W X 418MM H

Quality Standard: Comply With 3C, UL, CB, BA, KC,..ROHS And EMC Standards

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS

Smart Juicing for a Better Life.

What is cold-pressed juice? It’s practically what it says. If the juicing process involves using heat (blenders and masticating juicers), then it’s not cold. If it uses the blades or a grinder, then it’s not pressed. It’s that simple. More and more people are acknowledging the benefits of cold-pressed juice because of the absence of heat and oxidation in the process, more nutrients potentially goes into the juice. Making it super healthy for you. From 8 tons, the upgraded JUlaVIE X now uses a press system with a force of up to 10 tons. No heat and air goes into contact with the juice, preserving most of its nutrients to give you a very potent shot of smooth and delicious cold-pressed juice.

It’s Fill & Press, Without The Mess.

The Liner & Filter System keeps the JUlaVIE X clean.

The strength of 2 elephants

From 8 tons, JUlaVIE X’s force is now maxed to 10 tons.

Over 1000 Five Star Reviews!

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The 10 reasons for choosing JUlaVIEX:

  • Juicing without the cleaning

  • More Juice

  • More Nutrients

  • Saves Money

  • 100% pure juice - no bits

  • Much Fresher

  • Stylish Desigm

  • 1 button operation

  • Reduced Noice

  • Tailored Nutrition

Thanks to our specially designed JUlaVIEX bags, the fruit itself never touches the machine, meaning JUlaVIEX never needs to be cleaned.

Using up to about 8 tons of force, the juice yield of JUlaVIEX is higher than traditional juicers you can find in stores.

There is no heat produced during the juicing process of cold pressing, this helps to reduce the oxidation and decomposition of nutrients.

Juicing at home with JUlaVIEX is the most cost effective way to juice, with homemade juices up to 50% cheaper when compared with store-bought fresh juices.

JUlaVIEX produces 100% pure juice with no pulpy residues of fruits and vegetables, delivering better texture and taste of juice.

One cup at a time, you don’t need to worry about the excess juices and the storage problems anymore.

The elegant and clean look makes JUlaVIEX become one of the highlights in your kitchen.

Enjoy cold press juice, at simply the push of a button and in just 90 seconds.

It's quieter than other traditional juicers

Our juicing bags allow you to DIY your own juice packs and vary your juice recipes with different preferences and health needs.

Still Hesitant? Get It, Try It For 30 Days & If You Don´t Like It, Just Return It For Exchange Or Full Refund

How? Simple! Just pack it in the original packaging as received and contact us and we will send you a free return label. Effectively we offer a free trial period for 30 days so you can return the machine even if you have used it. Why do we offer this option? Because only 0.9% of our orders are returned so we are confident you will love it and the best way to see how great our machines are is to try them.