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Perfect For Quick Blends & Ease Of Use

Designed as a personal single-serving blender, the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor is made to provide the utmost convenience for busy urban dwellers who need a quick healthy fix in the morning which can be taken with them on-the-go.

Powerful, convenient and versatile, the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor even comes with 2 Tritan BPA-free cups (450ml & 1L) to suit your needs and 1000W motor to ensure you drink the smoothiest juices

Optimum Nutriforce Extractor - Compact Blender

Optimum Nutriforce Extractor - Compact Blender

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On-The-Go Blending.

Say goodbye to having to choose between the morning rush hour or going to work without a nutritious breakfast, Your healthy breakfast smoothie only requires 50 seconds – just screw on the flip-top lid and you can be out the door. Need a quick energy fix after the gym? No problem. Make your energy-boosting smoothie ahead of time and screw on the stay-fresh travel lid. You can come home from the gym to the perfect post-workout smoothie straight from the refrigerator. Need to head right out after the gym? Just switch to the to-go lid and you can be out the door again.

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The Optimum Nutriforce Blender Includes:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Including Return Postage

1L Tritan BPA-Free Cup

450ml Tritan BPA-Free Cup
With Versatile Travel Handle

Extractor Blade + Grinder Blade

Stay-Fresh Travel Lids x 2

Flip-Top Lid

100+ Page Recipe Book

Comprehensive Warranty


Motor Power: 1000W

Blade: Stainless Steel

No. of Blade Attachments: 2

Cup Size: 450mL and 1L

Cup Material: Tritan BPA-Free

Noise Level: 80dB (Low Noise)

Pulse Functions: Yes

No. of Speed Levels: 2 (Low & High)

Weight: 3.4 Kg

Product Dimensions: 14x14x37.5 cm

Warranty: 1 Year




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Number of Blade Attachments 2

Cup Size 450mL and 1L

Cup Material Tritan BPA-Free

Noise Level

Pulse Functions 

No. of Speed Levels 


Product Dimensions



 Stainless Steel


450ML and 1L

Tritan BPA Free

80db Low Noise


2 (Low & High)


14 x 14 x 37.5cm

1 Year

Fruit smoothies 

The Optimum is designed to make the best fruit smoothies in both domestic and commercial environments, crushing ice and fruits in seconds.

Green smoothies 

Kale, lettuce, celery, spinach, mints, cucumber, bananas or carrots, the Optimum will make sure your green smoothie is smooth and not fibrous.

Grinding nuts and grains 

The Optimum’s 6-blade assembly allows it to easily grind whole grains, beans and rice, and knead bread dough for the oven.

Crushes ice 

The commercial-grade 3 horse-power motor allows the Optimum to crush large quantities of ice in seconds, perfect for smoothies, slushies and ice cream.

Nut milks 

Mix the nuts with some water, blend, filter and serve for a natural dairy-free bowl of milk and cereal.

Ice cream from frozen fruits 

The Optimum turns your favorite fruits into a fat-free, preservative-free, beautiful guilt-free bowl of ice cream.

Spreads and dips 

Whether you prefer a silky smooth hummus dip or a chunky tomato salsa, the Optimum is here to help, offering you a range of dips and spreads to choose from.

Fresh fruit juices 

The Optimum is able to easily blend whole fruits and vegetables, unpeeled and uncut, creating a healthy juice full of fibre. Best of all… nothing is wasted, so cleaning is quick and easy.


Cocktails can be prepared shaken, stirred or blended with ice for a frozen treat in seconds.

High Performance Motor: 

The powerful 1000W motor powered by world renowned brand for quality – Optimum – obliterates tough greens, frozen fruits, nuts, ice, coffee beans and the hardiest ingredients every time.

High Speed Blending: 

The Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor blends at a high speed can crush ice, nuts and other dense ingredients in a matter of seconds to result in a smooth, nutritious smoothie.

Simple User Controls: 

The simple and intuitive user controls gets your smoothie ready in just 50 seconds. Switch between low and high speed settings to achieve your desired consistency or the useful pulse function for greater control.

Easy to Clean: 

Designed to provide the maximum convenience to make eating healthier an effortless lifestyle. Having a green smoothie daily becomes much less of a chore but more fun and enjoyment!

Convenient & Lightweight Design: 

The lightweight but durable Tritan BPA-free cups provide convenience when taking your smoothie with you on-the-go – simply blend and screw on the flip-top lid and you are good to go. To save your smoothie for later, screw on the stay-fresh travel lid to keep your smoothie fresher for longer.

Multi-tasking Blender & Food Processor: 

Each Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor comes with 2 Stay-fresh Travel Lids, a Flip-top Lid, an Extractor Blade, a Grinder Blade and 2 Tritan BPA-free Cups (450mL & 1L) for added versatility and convenience. You can grind coffee and blend smoothies for a complete all-in-one nutritious breakfast!.

Over 1000 Five Star Reviews!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!


The Latest In Blending Technology.

The Optimum brand of high speed vortex blenders are trusted globally by households and commercial juice bars and cafes due to the unparalleled quality and performance our blenders provide. The 1000W motor of the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor crushes ice, nuts and dense ingredients to create smooth, silky smoothies & sauces.

Provides the utmost convenience for busy urban dwellers who need a quick healthy fix

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How? Simple! Just pack it in the original packaging as received and contact us and we will send you a free return label. Effectively we offer a free trial period for 30 days so you can return the machine even if you have used it. Why do we offer this option? Because only 0.9% of our orders are returned so we are confident you will love it and the best way to see how great our machines are is to try them.

Health Benefits Of Blending

Faster & Higher Nutrient Absorption

Nutrients are absorbed more quickly by the body, as digestion is reduced. The use of raw ingredients also increases the amount of nutrients your body absorbs.

Improve Eating Habits

Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes

Easily Incorporate Superfoods

Increase Your Vegetable Intake

Quick Meal Preparation