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Optimum Quality Kitchen Appliances

  • New Productjuisir
    Optimum VAC2 Air Vacuum Blender, New TECH: No Oxidation Blender, Fresh Amazing Taste




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  • Optimum G2.3 Platinum Blender, New TECH: Induction Motor, Quietest High Speed Blender



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  • "THE
    OPTIMUM G2.1 Platinum Series -The Most Powerful Blender 2611W with 6 Preset programs




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  • The Optimum 9400 2nd Generation - Global Reputation For Quality & Performance



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  • "THE
    Optimum 8200 Commercial Grade Durable NutriBullet Alternative



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  • juisir
    JULAVIE Cold Press Juicer, New TECH: Unique 8 Tons Cold Press, With No Cleaning, No Assembly & Refined Fresh Juice


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  • The Optimum 600 (3rd Generation) Big-Mouth Cold Press Juicer - The Slowest Juicer In The Market !



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  • Optimum H3000 Slow Juicer With Longest Juicing Screw, Perfect For Vegetables & Easy To Clean


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  • Vibrofit 3D Vibration Power Plate, New TECH: Advanced 3D All Directional Vibration With 2 Motors



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  • Vibrofit Pro-X Multidirectional Light And Compact Vibration Fitness Plates



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What can I make?
blender functions Click here
  • Fruit smoothies

    Fruit smoothies

  • Green smoothies

    Green smoothies

  • Grinding nuts and grains

    Grinding nuts and grains

  • Crushes Ice

    Crushes Ice

  • Nut butters

    Nut butters

  • Nut milks

    Nut milks

  • Ice cream from frozen fruits

    Ice cream from frozen fruits

  • Hot Soups

    Hot Soups

  • Spreads and dips

    Spreads and dips

  • Fresh Fruit Juices

    Fresh Fruit Juices

  • Cocktails


  • Omelettes


  • Food Prep

    Food Prep

  • Dough


  • Dressings


juicer functions Click here
  • Fruit Juices

    Fruit Juices

  • Vegetable Juices

    Vegetable Juices

  • Wheatgrass


  • Nut milks

    Nut milks

  • Ice cream from frozen fruits

    Ice cream from frozen fruits

  • Soy Milk

    Soy Milk

  • Nut butters

    Nut butters

  • Baby Food

    Baby Food

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Food & Health Experts Testimonials
Verified Consumer Reviews
  • Recognised as One of The UK Leading Juice Experts, Qualified Juice Therapist & Registered Complimentary Medical Assoc.

    Neil Martinarrow

    OMG! I made a green smoothie at 6am and at 5pm it hadn't oxidised at all. I've NEVER had that happen before! The vacuum feature on the new Optimum VAC 2 Air Vacuum blender is INCREDIBLE. I love the fact that unlike other vacuum blenders you can use it as a regular blender too, meaning it also makes things like soup and nut butter.Natural Juice Junkie

  • Top Recognised Vegetarian and Vegan blog: Thinly Spread With Recipes Featured On Great British Chefs,
    Superfood Magazine & Tesco Living

    Christine Baileyarrow

    "Well, this is exciting! I can barely contain my excitement – I’m sharing my thoughts on the new Optimum G2.3 Platinum Series Blender. The Brushless induction motor is much quieter than any high power blender I have used….. The extra 1 litre rotating jug in addition to the standard 2 litre jug is just what I have always wanted in a blender! The 2 litre jug with its 6 blade assembly is perfect for large quantities of soup, for smoothies and for making nut milk but I very often want to blend smaller quantities. The 1 litre rotating jug is fabulous when I’m making hummus, cashew cream and nut butter. No more teeth grinding for me when I have to keep stopping to push badly behaved chickpeas down into the blender! Both jugs are BPA free.Chris Mosler

  • Top Awarded Food Blogger & Recipe Developer Writes In Tinned Tomatoes, Great British Chefs & Readers Digest

    Jac Meldrumarrow

    I've tried a few low cost blenders, a Kenwood, a Vitamix and all of the Optimum blender range. My personal favourites are the Optimum 9400 (I love the dial that lets you have full control) and the Optimum G2.1 (which has a digital panel and preset buttons so you can just hit a button and walk away).Jac Meldrum

  • Qualified Leading Nutritional Consultant, Chef, Journalist & Author Of Several Health Books.

    Christine Baileyarrow

    "The Optimum 9400 is designed to bring professional level specification into your own home. I use my blender several times daily and it comes with me on my nourishing cookery days. This is one of the most powerful blenders on the market and I have really put it through its paces. Whether you want to make super healthy smoothies, dips and spreads, soups, desserts, nut milks, nut and seed flours, nut butters, instant healthy ice cream and sorbets this will do it all for you!Christine Bailey

  • Globally Renowned Raw Food Expert & Author Of 4 Raw Lifestyle Books.

    Kate Magicarrow

    I actually think the Optimum 9200A Next Gen is the best blender I have ever used. It makes light work of everything, it's super quick and super easy to use. I thought the Optimum 9400 was good, but this takes it to another level! I recommend Froothie to all my clients, over all the other high-speed blenders on the marketplace, like Vitamix and Blendtec. Kate Magic

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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval
Rating for: Froothie.co.uk
   4.8 / 5
Calculated from 119 customer reviews
(last 12 months)
Total reviews: 327
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