Best Optimum Blender.

Extremely Powerful: The combination of a 2400W motor & auto torque control makes this blender one of the most if not the most powerful blender in the market.

Energy Saver: The fact this blender is extremely powerful, it blends extremely fast saving time & energy vs traditional blenders.

Fully Versatile: Comes with a 2L dishwasher safe jug for wet & dry food, combined with manual control, pulse, tamper & 6 presets to make blending hassle free.

Durable: Built to last, the 6 blades are stainless steel, the drive socket is metal & the motor is so powerful at 2400W it will last for a long time. The Sleek & sophisticated look makes this machine a must in any modern kitchen.

Optimum G2.6: The Best Optimum Blender