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Evolve Juicer autumn sale

Froothie Evolve Refurbished Big Mouth Cold Press Slow Juicer, Slowest In The Market

  • SLOWEST SPEED 33 RPM: Reducing dramatically the oxidation process and maintaining all the vitamins whilst giving you maximum juice as all the fruits and vegs are crushed slowly.
  • WHOLE MOUTH: The big chute measures 8.5 cm - no preparation required!
  • VACUUM CUP & PUMP: You can juice once every 2 days instead of juicing daily and keep the juice in the fridge in the special vacuumed cup with zero oxidation.
  • EASY CLEANING:  The Froothie Evolve has done away with the internal basket that all slow juicers have and has a special intertwined filter making cleaning quick and easy.
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for preparing juices, sorbets, nut milk, milkshakes, baby food, nut butters and smoothies!
  • BUY WITH SECURITY: 30-day money-back guarantee & 5 years guarantee.

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 Froothie Evolve Big-Mouth Cold Press Juicer
Size of the feed chute85mm
speed33 RPM
Cup materialTritan (BPA free)
Housing material lstainless steel
Bowl and funnel materialTritan (BPA free)
Screw conveyor materialUltem (BPA free)
container: 1000ml Juice container: 700 ml
Juice tapYes
Security elementsMicroswitch (indicates whether the feed chute is properly connected to the shredding container; otherwise the device cannot be switched on for safety reasons) + waterproof on / off / reverse switch
Vacuum functionYes, the Froothie Evolve has a hand pump to evacuate excess air and create a vacuum that protects your fresh juices from oxidation and vitamin loss.
Product dimensions34 * 32 * 40cm (LXW x H)
Product weight7 kg
Warranty5 years warranty 


  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices: The Froothie Evolve cold press juicer prepares you the best freshly squeezed fruit juices in seconds.
  • Green juices: Kale, lettuce, celery, spinach, mint, cucumber, bananas and carrots are no problem for the Froothie Evolve Big-Mouth cold press juicer and ensure green juices full of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Soy milk and tofu: You can also use the Froothie Evolve Big-Mouth Cold Press Juicer to make soy milk and tofu.
  • Milkshakes: Mix your own, creamy milkshake from fresh fruits or other ingredients of your choice with the Froothie Evolve cold press juicer.
  • Ice cream made from frozen fruits: The Optimum conjures up a bowl of fat-free ice cream or sorbet from your favorite fruits in no time with the help of a specially designed sieve - without any preservatives and without a guilty conscience afterwards.
  • Baby Formula: Why Buy Expensive Chemical-Ingredient Baby Formula? With the Froothie Evolve cold press juicer you make your own healthy and nutritious food for your baby. Your baby will love it!
  • 85mm feed opening: fruit and vegetables do not have to be pre-cut!
  • Cold Press Technology: The Froothie Evolve Big Mouth Ensafter is a cold press juicer. Compared to conventional ensafters, you get the largest amount of juice from your ingredients. Its slow working speed of 33 rpm reduces the loss of vitamins and nutrients that are often caused by oxidation.
  • Great design: the compact, elegant and slim aluminum housing fits perfectly into every modern kitchen.
  • Safety is our top priority : The Froothie  Evolve juicer comes with a switch that shows you exactly whether the feed chute is precisely interlocked with the shredding cup, otherwise the device will not start. .
  • Quiet Juicer: At less than 60DB, the Froothie  Evolve is one of the quietest cold press juicers on the market.
  • Easy to assemble and clean: With its simple design, you install and clean the Froothie Evolve cold press juicer with ease.
  • Vacuum function: A hand pump to expel air and create a vacuum protects your fresh juices from oxidation and nutrient loss.
modelFroothie EvolveHurom H26 Alpha
RPM (speed): 
slower is better
33 rpm45 rpm
Noise level:<60dBN / A
Induction motor:YesYes
Feed opening size:85mm50mm
Juice tap:YesYes
Guarantee:5 Years Warranty  

The Optimum is rated by the renowned Choice Magazine along with various independent reviews as the No. 1 competitor to the popular Kuvings.


It gives you the same, if not better result - just check out the videos. When you invest in the Froothie Evolve, you get more than just a juicer. You get confidence in its durability, versatility and quality.


With an emphasis on quality and performance, Optimum © has proven itself to be a world class supplier of high quality household and commercial blenders and juicers designed to outlast and outperform the competition.

modelFroothie EvolveKuvings B6000 very slow juicer
RPM (speed)33 RPM54 RPM
Average noise:<60dB50-60dB
Induction motor:YesYes
Juice tap:YesYes
Warranty:5 years warranty KA




modelFroothie EvolveHurom H26 Alpha
RPM (speed): 
slower is better
33 rpm45 rpm
Noise level:<60dBN / A
Induction motor:YesYes
Feed opening size:85mm50mm
Juice tap:YesYes
Guarantee:5 Years Warranty  


Slagra on product review

Slagra on product review Great reliable products This is a great, reliable product that is used in our household every day. This purchase was more than 2 years ago, a sensational product that never failed and has outlasted other well-known blenders.

Jo Bevan on product review

I am impressed with Froothie as a company & I have the blender and juicer. To date, both of the products purchased have been used on a daily basis and they still work as well as the first time. I trust this brand and company 100% and have definitely recommended them to many people who want quality kitchen appliances. I have had both of my Froothie products since October 4th, 2015 and couldn't be happier! I will continue to buy & highly recommend Froothie products.

Dane on product review

Fantastic Value for money, second to none. I've used them in my stores and tried several other brands, some more than twice as expensive, and Froothie's products perform better and last longer.

Oddsie on product review

After trying 3 brands this is the best! We have been using the Optimum blender at home every day for almost five years, we recently replaced one of the bearings and it is working perfectly again. It is loud, but its durability and quality cannot be beat. We make everything from nut flour and nutmeg milk to smoothies and cocktails. I will never buy another brand again.

85 mm feed chute

With the extra large 8.5 cm / 85 mm wide chute of the Froothie Evolve, chopping your ingredients is a thing of yesterday. Just throw in your whole apples, oranges, lemons, and other fruits. This also applies to other products such as celery, kale, spinach, carrots and many more. You save an incredible amount of time as no preparation is required.


Cold press technique

The Froothie Evolve Vertical Big Mouth Juicer is a cold press juicer, which means you will get the most juice from your ingredients compared to a traditional juicer. Its low speed of 33 RPM also means it reduces the loss of nutrients caused by oxidation.


NO internal basket

On the Froothie Evolve, the internal basket found on all slow juicers has been removed and allows for quick and easy cleaning. Say goodbye to the precious minutes you spend removing fruit and vegetable fibers from the inner basket.


More juice, less pulp

Expect up to 20% more juice and less pulp than any other commercial juicer. Get the most out of your products with the help of the Froothie Evolve and don't waste your money.


Imitates manual juicing

At 33 revolutions per minute, the Froothie Evolve mimics manual juicing, thus ensuring the highest juice quality with minimal oxidation. Gentle on fruits and vegetables, you can be sure that your juice is of the highest quality in terms of taste and nutritional value.


Low noise level

At less than 60 dB, the Froothie Evolve is one of the quietest cold press juicers on the market. Perfect for those who want to make fresh juice in the morning without waking up the whole household.


Vacuum function

The Froothie Evolve contains a unique hand pump for drawing air and creating a vacuum seal that preserves your fresh juices to prevent oxidation and nutrient loss. Enjoy your juice later in the day or even the next day with little or no degradation.


Easy to assemble and clean

With its simple design, the Froothie Evolve cold press juicer is a breeze to assemble and clean. We designed the Froothie Evolve with efficiency in mind - that meant creating a juicer that was easy to clean and store, to ensure customers could use their juicer regularly.


Beautiful design

The compact, streamlined, slim and sleek aluminum body of the Froothie Evolve juicer fits wonderfully in any modern kitchen.


Safety first:

The slow juicer Froothie Evolve is equipped with a switch that indicates whether the filler neck is properly locked with the grinding jar. For your safety, the device will only start when this is the case.


Warranty period:

The Froothie Evolve comes with an optional 10-year household warranty and a 12-month commercial warranty.


30 day money back guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. We'll even send you a return slip so that you can send your juicer back at no additional cost.


Access to the expert support team:

Our competent support team, consisting of passionate juicers, nutritionists and cooks, is available to all Optimum customers at all times. Whatever your questions, you can rest assured that a team member will be able to help you with anything you need.


Thousands of customer reviews

Thousands of customer reviews can be found on Ekomi, Facebook, Instagram, and Product Review. Our juicers are ranked 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the product rating.


Up to 10 Years guarantee

Up to 10 years household warranty for your for your Froothie Evolve Motor. Our mission is to bring you a juicer that will last a lifetime.


24x7 support and warranty

Our support and warranty team works around the clock and around the globe. When you purchase your Froothie Evolve you have full access to our customer service team regardless of the time of day.

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Easiest Juicer To Clean



Why so easy to clean ?

Because our filters have a special intertwined holes (vertical & horizontal) controlling unnecessary pulp in and allowing pulp to exit easily when washed out.

The parts are made from easy to clean materials.

No need for a cleaning brush anymore.


Easy Assembly 1.2.3 Juice…

Fast Juicing – No Mess – Less pulp

Why so Easy?

Because we’ve eliminated the internal basket that all slow juicers have and we have created a very easy to assemble top.




Optimum® is an Australian owned brand that makes high quality blenders and other equipment for the world market. From start to finish, the products are manufactured to adhere to strict quality control measures; and every Optimum® slow juicer is extensively tested before it is sent to us at Froothie for sale to customers. Optimum® also works with third party parts manufacturers who have been renowned for their quality for decades and who supply some of the world's most respected brands of equipment. All manufacturers use state-of-the-art equipment, materials and constructions to make the engines, blade assemblies and