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Vibrate & Blend Gift

Vibrofit Bundle
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Rated Power: 300W
Max User weight: 120KGS
Oscillation movement. Yes
Speed Range: 1-99 levels
Rated Timing: 1~20minutes
Frequency: 5-12 HZ
Amplitude: 16mm
Working Mode:  1 Manual working Model and 10 Automatic working Mode 
Bluetooth speaker Yes
With carrying handle Yes
Weight: 12kg
Dimensions 670x370x120cm
Warranty: Upto 10 years Warranty


Includes smooth rolling wheels and upright handle for transport.

No assembly required (do not have to attached the brackets for the resistant straps)


Every single one of your muscle groups is put to work through reflex muscle contractions for the most efficient full body workout in the shortest amount of time.


Simple stances that anyone can do is all you need to get in shape with a full body workout that tones up your muscles, shapes your body and burns off unwanted fats.


Proven by medical research and studies to aid in bone density gain; you can stay healthy without having to step out of your home.


Great for the elderly or individuals unable to perform conventional exercise.


By incorporating aerobics and strengthening exercises, you will be able to amplify the effects of weight loss exercises and effectively build up muscles.

Domestic And Commercial Functions

  • Fruit smoothies
    The Optimum is designed to make the best fruit smoothies in both domestic and commercial environments, crushing ice and fruits in seconds

  • Green smoothies
    Kale, lettuce, celery, spinach, mints, cucumber, bananas or carrots, the Optimum will make sure your green smoothie is smooth and not fibrous

  • Grinding nuts and grains
    The Optimum's 6-Blade assembly allows it to easily grind whole grains, beans, rice and kneading bread dough ready for the oven

  • Crushes Ice
    The commercial-grade 3 Horse Power motor allows the Optimum to crush large quantities of ice in seconds, perfect for smoothies, slushies and ice cream

  • Nut butters
    Chocolate Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, Almond Butter... you name it! The Optimum will make the most delicious preservative-free nut butters, using only one ingredient

  • Nut milks
    Mix the nuts with some water, blend, filter, and serve for a natural dairy-free bowl of milk and cereal

  • Ice cream from frozen fruits
    The Optimum turns your favourite fruits into a fat free, preservative free, beautiful guilt-free bowl of ice cream

  • Hot Soups
    The same blender which can make frozen ice cream can also make steaming-hot soups from all natural ingredients in less than 10 minutes! This is achieved with the Optimum's incredible speed of 48,000 rpm, allowing the blender to heat the contents through friction heat

  • Spreads and dips
    Whether you prefer a silky-smooth hummus dip or a chunky tomato salsa, the Optimum is here to help, offering you a range of dips and spreads to choose from

  • Fresh Fruit Juices
    The Optimum is able to easily blend whole fruits and vegetables, unpeeled and uncut, creating a healthy juice full of fibre. Best of all... nothing is wasted, so cleaning is quick and easy

  • Cocktails
    Cocktails can be prepared shaken, stirred or blended with ice for a frozen treat in seconds

  • Omelettes
    The same way the Optimum can make a steaming hot soup, the friction of the blades can also cook beautiful omelettes in minutes!

The Optimum 9400 is a durable high speed blender for usage domestically or commercially due to :

  • Its efficient and durable proprietary Carbon Brush Motor: The Optimum's powerful motor varies electricity consumption based on the power required. This allows the blender to outlast most competition with no breakdowns or hassles along the way.
  • Its stainless Steel 6-blade assembly: Equipped with 6 blades, the Optimum can pulverize the thickest ingredients with no hassles and no struggle.
  • Its Intelligent Overload Protection: For extra durability, The Optimum has a built in sensor which automatically switches off the motor when excess usage leading to over heating is detected, prolonging the Optimum's operating life while pre-empting and avoiding breakdowns. If the blender should ever trip - simply switch it back on.
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Used to compliment my fitness regime.

I've used a plate in the Gym but my present Gym do not have one. Very pleased so far.
10/10/2017 19:24:00
* * * * *
For toning
Poor circulation
21/09/2017 11:19:00
* * * * *
I do simple exercises
Recommend for adults .My 80 yr old Mum had a go and helped her swollen feet in between elevating them .
It is a well made product .
06/09/2017 22:44:00
* * * * *
It is a substantial well built machine of very good quality.
18/08/2017 09:00:00
* * * * *
I have been using a professional plate in the gym for the past three years and found it has made me feel so much fitter. I am amazed that the vibrofit one feels exactly the same for a fraction of the price. It is light enough for me to take away in my Motorhome on holiday so I do not miss out on my daily wobble.
13/08/2017 21:38:00
* * * * *
Used in conjunction with my other exercise routines.
For anyone who thinks they do not have "time" to exercise.
Easy & Fun.
31/07/2017 13:13:00
* * * * *
I use this product every morning and feel great afterwards.
05/07/2017 14:40:00
* * * * *
Easy to get started, not to sure re notes on page 8 picture 1 for fixing resistance straps. I have left to alone as mine seems not to need this adjustment? Not got using straps yet still working up to it.
04/07/2017 14:49:00
* * * * *
Just what I expected
29/06/2017 19:00:00
* * * * *
The product is very high quality, robust build, easy to use, lots of functions. Only used a few of the programs so far, but very impressed.
23/06/2017 09:06:05
* * * * *
Used by wife and myself. Good vibration in all programs which have different intensity levels and pulse settings ie intensity rpm rises and falls with each program. Still using it but can feel you have been on the plate after you finish your 10 minute exercise. Robust and portable.The elastic pulls attach easily and give good resistance. I would recommend this product and was £*** cheaper than most advertised. Still trying all programs and not seen any weight loss yet but hopeful!!!!
19/06/2017 11:53:57
* * * * *
Very good product
High quality
14/06/2017 04:25:07
* * * * *
As I am older I use the vibriofit to assist with light exercise also as I'm a full time carer for my wife it allows me to fit lots of exercise into a short period, the Vibrofit looks good and works well.
14/06/2017 01:26:15
* * * * *
12/06/2017 18:12:35
* * * * *
The product is brilliant
11/06/2017 13:47:13
* * * * *
RRP: £598.00  
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* * * * * 4.67 stars
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Vibrofit Pro-X Specification
Appliance specifications: Vibrofit Pro-X
Rated Power: 300W
Max User weight: 120KGS
Oscillation movement. Yes
Speed Range: 1-99 levels
Rated Timing: 1~20minutes
Frequency: 5-12 HZ
Amplitude: 16mm
Working Mode:  1 Manual working Model and 10 Automatic working Mode 
Bluetooth speaker Yes
With carrying handle Yes
Weight: 12kg
Dimensions 670x370x120cm
Warranty: Upto 10 years Warranty
Vibrofit Pro-X Details
  • Introduction

    The VibroFit Pro-X is designed for exercise buffs, professional athletes and anyone who wishes to optimize their weight loss or muscle-building regime. The VibroFit Pro-X is a multi-directional vibration system that helps you amplify your workout results, at the same time reducing your risk of injury and improving bone density, circulation, flexibility and joint performance. You get a safe and well-rounded total body workout without having to step out of your home. This heavy duty plate provides the intensity required by serious bodybuilders, yet gentle on exercise novices; designed to stow away easily in any home or space. Essentially, you have invested in an all-in-one, highly versatile and adaptable workout plate.

    The VibroFit Pro-X features an oscillating platform that oscillates between 3-8 Hz, up to 16mm in amplitude. Its control panel features a digital display and press button controls with 99 adjustable speeds and 10 preset programs so you can start working out with just one push of the button. Plus, the Vibrofit Pro-X also includes smooth rolling wheels and an upright handle for transport. With Bluetooth pairing capabilities and remote control operation, the VibroFit Pro-X will be your best workout companion that let helps you get into better shape while listening to your favorite music anytime you want, however, you want to.


    Did you know that the Russians used Vibration Training Exercises to counteract bone density and muscle tissue loss from zero-gravity exposure to keep their astronauts space-bound almost 4 times longer than the Americans?

    Whole body vibration exercise could be your answer to common ailments such as bone density loss through aging, poor blood circulation and enhancing the effects of conventional exercise; giving you better results without additional time and effort.

    The VibroFit Pro-X is going to transform you and your family’s health since it is great for all ages, easy and convenient to use, and helps amplify the results of your workouts. Toning, shaping and burning through inducing reflex muscle contractions in your whole body, the VibroFit Pro-X is everything you need encased in a slim, compact plate that would fit perfectly in every home.

  • Train Like A Professional Athlete

    Professional athletes including Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers use vibration plates to improve their workout performance, training and muscle recovery. Scientific research has shown that vibration plates provide a number of health benefits and enhance training results, making it the perfect exercise plate to incorporate into professional athlete training.

    By incorporating vibration exercises into their training, athletes have been shown to experience improved flexibility, increased muscle performance and reduced muscle fatigue. This means you can train for a short amount of time to yield better results without increasing the risk of burn out or injury. A safe and effective way to exercise, vibration plates increase blood flow to the skin, making it the perfect warm up or cool down exercise that helps loosen tight joints and alleviate sore muscles.

    Whether you are a professional athlete or not, the urban lifestyle subjects you to common ailments, such as back pain from constantly sitting in a poor posture and tightness or soreness in the shoulder and hips. Using the VibroFit for a few minutes a day can help relieve these problems and further improve your body shape and tone by encouraging weight loss and reducing the appearance of cellulite through improving fluid retention over consistent prolonged use.

    If you are looking to build lean muscle mass and at the same time shed unwanted fats, the VibroFit can help you achieve your desired results through training like a professional athlete. To prepare for an intensive workout, use the VibroFit to activate the muscles stabilising your joints, following with incorporating squats on the VibroFit to increase the results of muscle-building in common problem areas, thereby increasing your body’s fat-burning rate even when sedentary.

    You do not have to be a pro to reap the amazing benefits of the VibroFit. It is truly the ultimate one-size-fits-all exercise plate.

NutriForce Specification
Appliance specifications: Nutri Force Extractor
Motor Power 1000W
Blade Stainless steel
No. of Blade Attachments 2
Cup Size 450ml and 1L
Cup Material Tritan BPA-free
Noise Level 80dB (low noise)
Pulse Function Yes
No. of Speed Levels 2 (Low and High)
Weight 3.4kg
Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 14x14x37.5cm
NutriForce Extractor Details
  • Introduction

    To bring you quality kitchen solutions, Optimum has yet again expanded its line of globally well-loved blenders to present the all new Optimum Nutri Force Extractor. Designed as a personal single-serving blender, the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor is made to provide the utmost convenience for busy urban dwellers who need a quick healthy fix in the morning which can be taken with them on-the-go.

    Say goodbye to having to choose between the morning rush hour or going to work without a nutritious breakfast, Your healthy breakfast smoothie only requires 50 seconds – just screw on the flip-top lid and you can be out the door. Need a quick energy fix after the gym? No problem. Make your energy-boosting smoothie ahead of time and screw on the stay-fresh travel lid. You can come home from the gym to the perfect post-workout smoothie straight from the refrigerator. Need to head right out after the gym? Just switch to the to-go lid and you can be out the door again.

    Simple, convenient and versatile, the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor even comes with 2 Tritan BPA-free cups (450ml & 1L) to suit your needs and ensure your drink is safe and free from harmful chemicals.

  • Benefits
    High Performance Motor

    The powerful 1000W motor powered by world renowned brand for quality – Optimum – obliterates tough greens, frozen fruits, nuts, ice, coffee beans and the hardiest ingredients to create silky, single-serving smoothies with the same smooth consistency every time.

    High Speed Blending

    The Optimum Nutri Force Extractor blends at a formidable 20,000rpm, pulverising ice, nuts and other dense ingredients in a matter of seconds to result in a smooth, nutritious smoothie to enjoy later or take it with you to-go. 50 seconds is all you need to take your delicious smoothie with you.

    Simple User Controls

    The simple and intuitive user controls gets your smoothie ready in just 50 seconds. Switch between low and high speed settings to achieve your desired consistency or the useful pulse function for greater control. The straightforward buttons are all you need to create any kind of smoothie, nut butter, dip, sauce, and more!

    Easy to Clean

    Designed to provide the maximum convenience to make eating healthier an effortless lifestyle, the Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor is also designed to be easy to clean. Having a green smoothie daily becomes much less of a chore but more fun and enjoyment!

    Convenient & Lightweight Design

    The lightweight but durable Tritan BPA-free cups provide convenience when taking your smoothie with you on-the-go – simply blend and screw on the flip-top to-go lid and you are good to go. To save your smoothie for later, screw on the stay-fresh travel lid to keep your smoothie fresher for longer.

    Multipurpose Blender & Food Processor

    Each Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor comes with 2 Stay-fresh Travel Lids, a Flip-top Lid, an Extractor Blade, a Grinder Blade and 2 Tritan BPA-free Cups (450mL & 1L) for added versatility and convenience. You can grind coffee and blend nut butters and smoothies for a complete all-in-one nutritious breakfast!

  • Motor

    The Optimum brand of high speed vortex blenders are trusted globally by households and commercial juice bars and cafes due to the unparalleled quality and performance our blenders provide. The 1000W motor of the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor crushes ice, nuts and dense ingredients at 20,000rpm to create smooth, silky smoothies, nut butters, sauces and fine coffee grounds.

  • Blades

    Optimum blender blades are made of high-quality custom alloy stainless steel, featuring the brand’s unique 6-blade assembly which blends even the hardiest of ingredients into a smooth, silky consistency while preventing jams and the formation of a Vacuum at the base of the cup.

    The Optimum Nutri Force Extractor provides 2 easy-to-assemble blade options – Extractor and Grinder – for added versatility and efficiency in blending different types of wet and dry ingredients for your desired results.

  • Our Promise

    The benefits of being a Froothie customer extend well beyond receiving your Optimum Nutri Force Extractor. While your new blender offers simplicity at the touch of a button, there will always be more ways to utilise your superior kitchen appliance. Froothie offers ongoing guidance and support to ensure you get the most from your professional blender.

    That’s why to ensure you Froothie guarantees a support team is available when you need them. The Froothie Support and Warranty Team is available 24/7, allowing you to request assistance anytime of the day.

    Additionally, as a Froothie customer, you get a unique, 1-month trial period when you buy your Optimum Compact Nutri-Extractor. If you are not satisfied with your new blender for ANY reason, contact Froothie within the 30-day period. Froothie will provide a full refund without question and even pay the return fee for the blender to be returned at no cost to you.


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