Best Vibration Plates Reviewed and Compared

There are a mind-boggling number of options you can choose from on the market and it can seem extremely difficult to choose the best vibration plate. Vibration plates come in all shapes and sizes with an equally wide range of prices from the low hundreds to as high as a few thousand dollars. To be the savvy consumer you are, you need to understand the basics of how whole body vibration machines work and what you need to look out for before investing in a vibration plate to serve your needs and stand the test of time.

Vibration Plate Comparison: Powerfit vs VibroFit

  Vibrofit Pro-X Vibrofit 3D Powerfit
Warranty  10 Years (Optional) 10 Years (Optional) 1 year
Colours  Black / Silver Black / Silver /
Speed Range  1-99 1-99 1-99
Platform Type  Oscillating Oscillating, Pivotal and Horizontal Oscillating
Control Panel  Digital Display
and Press
button controls
Digital Display
and Press
button controls
Digital Display
and Press
button controls
10 15 (5 x 3D, 5 x Horizontal, 5 x Vertical)  3
Amplitude  16mm 1-18mm Not Specified
Frequency  5-12Hz 4-15Hz Not Specified
Max Power  1 Motor: 350W 2 Motors: 350W+350W - Max Power 1 Motor: 200W
User Weight 
120kg 120kg 120kg
10.5kg 21kg 16kg
30 Day Money Back Guarantee –
Includes Return Postage!
Resistance Straps
Remote Control
User Manual
30 Day Money Back Guarantee –
Includes Return Postage!
Resistance Straps
Remote Control
User Manual
30 days free
return policy


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Which is the Best Vibration Plate?

1. Vibrofit 3D

2. Vibrofit Pro-X

What to Look For in a Top Quality Vibration Plate

Type of Vibration

Different vibration plates move in different ways and these movements affect the results of your workout. Their vibrations can be generally classified into two main categories: linear and multi-directional. Depending on your objectives of using a vibration plate, you may want to look out for the type of vibration offered by the vibration plate you are considering to ensure it suits your needs. Linear vibrations only move in one directional plane, usually in an up and down motion, found to be effective for bodybuilding. However, it can be very uncomfortable to use, especially for a beginner. Multi-directional vibrations on the other hand, moves in various directional planes and have been shown to deliver multiple health benefits aside from muscle toning. This means it can be used by most people and almost anyone can benefit from it, whether you are a bodybuilder or not.


Type of Motor

The type of motor used in the vibration plate you are considering can be crucial to your purchase decision. Often overlooked, different motors are used to achieve different workout objectives. For use in homes or rehabilitation, a one motor unit is the most ideal. These makes one motor units more family-friendly as it can be used by anyone. A dual motor system induces more intense muscle contractions, whereby professional guidance is strongly advised. This makes the dual motor system more ideal for professional athletes and bodybuilders who usually have professional trainers and regimens designed specifically to meet their training objectives.


Amplitude is the measurement of how high/far the vibration plate moves from its original position. This translates to the magnitude of the whole body vibrations you feel and your workout results. Although intuitively, you are likely to assume the higher the amplitude, the better the workout results, it is important to keep in mind the way vibration plates work to maximise your workout. Vibration plates induce muscle contractions in your body caused by your reflex action in wanting to regain stability to prevent yourself from falling. A higher amplitude makes your muscles work harder in regaining your balance. However, if the amplitude goes beyond what you are able to handle, the whole body vibration exercise would naturally become ineffective as you would be unable to even stand on the vibration plate. A notable point to take into account, is the wider apart you stand on the vibration plate, the greater the intensity, as the ends of the plate is where it lifts the highest. Look for a vibration plate which would offer you a good balance between manageable amplitude supported by sufficient frequency to achieve the most effective workout results. As a general guideline, bodybuilders usually work with amplitudes of 10mm or more for effective muscle building.


Frequency represents the number of times the vibration plate completes 1 cycle of movement in a second. Hence, the higher the frequency, the faster your vibration plate moves in a second. You may be quick to jump on finding a vibration plate with the highest frequency to ensure you get the maximum benefit, however, depending on what concerns you are targeting, the highest frequency might not be the most suitable for you. If you are just starting out or trying to get your fitness on track, a vibration plate with high frequency may not be the most ideal. For the average person looking to soothe tense and sore muscles or lymphatic drainage with additional toning benefits, vibration plates with a lower range frequency (below 15Hz) is sufficient in meeting your objectives. If you are a seasoned exercise buff looking to increase the intensity of your workout, you may consider going for higher frequency vibration plates, provided you understand the frequency range you can adapt to comfortably, as high frequency vibrations can require time to get used to. Most people take some time to figure out which frequency gives them the best workout results. It is always best to begin with a lower frequency and slowly increase the intensity as you go along.


G-force represents the gravitational pull of the Earth on your body. Typically, race car drivers experience between 3-5g throughout each race, while fighter pilots can experience a g-force of up to 6-10g. An average person can usually withstand a g-force of 5g (or 5 times the gravitational pull of the Earth) and below, with 1g being the pull you experience normally. If you come across vibration plates of higher g-force claiming the higher the g-force the more effective it is, BEWARE. They could be misleading you into buying a whole body vibration machine you are not ready for. Unless you are specially trained or receiving guidance from a professional, steer clear of vibration plates with high g-forces which could cause loss of consciousness and injury. You do not need to pay more for a body vibration machine with a higher g-force to ensure results. Your safety should always be of priority.


Speed delivers the intensity felt during the whole body vibration exercise. Vibration plates usually offer a variety of speed ranges. Although it is not pivotal in your choice of vibration plate as amplitude and frequency are, speed is important if you enjoy customising and building up the intensity of your workouts gradually. A small speed range will provide you with less flexibility in achieving your desired workout intensity, while a large speed range will provide more room for micro-adjustments to gently ease yourself into adapting to a much higher intensity whole body vibration.


The power of the motor is not crucial, especially for powering relatively small and thin vibration plates. However, you do want to make sure you invest in a whole body vibration machine built with sufficient power to support frequent use and works smoothly for a quieter experience. A higher power motor will be better equipped in handling heavy usage while delivering the power needed to vibrate the plate at higher amplitudes. Be cautious of overcompensating motors with unusually high wattages as it may induce the vibration plate to “vibrate” from the running of the motor, rather than the actual movement of the plate itself – common when manufacturers try to pass off a lower quality motor with a higher power. Even though you may feel the “vibration” it does not contribute to any of the positive effects the actual movement of the vibration plate provides.

Warranty & Support

A comprehensive warranty is usually a clear sign of a company being confident of the product they put out. Pay attention to free trials and money back guarantees offered by the company which are good indicators of stringent quality control and sufficient product testing being carried out on their vibration plates. Accessibility to reliable after-sales support is also crucial to ensure you will receive all the help you need after investing in a sophisticated whole body vibration machine.


As with any rising trend or fad product, many brands may turn to OEM and engage the same supplier to produce run-of-the-mill products. It is always good practice to do a quick search on the manufacturer of the product you are investing in to ensure they are going to stand the test of time. Reputable companies with years of experience and relevant certifications and compliance to the industry’s quality standards are going to be the tell-tale signs to look out for in a quality product to avoid a waste of money and time.

Vibration Plates – Possibly the BEST Exercise Machine Ever!

Why VibroFit is Perfect for You

If you are a professional trainer looking for a heavy-duty equipment meant for intensive bodybuilding and enhancing strenuous exercises, the VibroFit is definitely not for you. However, if you are looking for a convenient whole body vibration machine to help you ease muscle tension, improve circulation, lose weight and shorten the time and effort taken to tone your muscles, the VibroFit is perfect for you. Here is why:

    • 1. Multi-directional and All – directional Oscillation

      The VibroFit offers either a multi-directional vibration plate with vbrofit Pro-X or an all directional plate with Vibrofit 3D which helps you amplify your workout results, at the same time reducing your risk of injury, alleviating sore muscles and improving bone density, circulation, flexibility, lymphatic drainage and joint performance. Great for both the young and old, the VibroFit is a one-size-fits-all whole body vibration machine to help you and your family stay healthy. Powerfit offers only multi-directional whole body vibration machine like the vibrofit Pro-X

    • 2. One or 2 Motor Units

      VibroFit Pro-x is built with a 1 motor unit designed for use in homes while Vibrofit 3D is built with 2 motors giving it that extra key left and right vibrations. Anyone from beginners, the elderly to professional athletes can benefit from our vibration plates, gentle enough on beginners, yet intense enough on exercise buffs. Most importantly, it helps in improving bone density, reducing muscle fatigue and boosting joint and muscle performance. Powerfit is powered by a one motor unit as it only vibrates up and down.

    • 3. Effective Muscle-Building Amplitude

      If you are looking at a vibration plate, chances are you looking for a whole body vibration machine to help you exercise easily and comfortably at home. The VibroFit’s amplitude of 12-14mm coupled with its low range frequency ensures you get the maximum benefits of whole body vibration exercise with minimal effort right at home. You will be able to improve your exercise results in half the time compared to conventional exercise. Powerfit has not specified this crucial information for their whole body vibration machine.

      Benefits of Using Vibration Plates: Lymphatic Drainage and Bone Health

    • 4. Low Range Frequency

      Low range frequencies have been shown to benefit lymphatic drainage and relieve muscle tension. VibroFit has a frequency between 5-12Hz, making it ideal for promoting better health and at the same time aid in muscle toning and weight loss. Powerfit has not specified this crucial information for their whole body vibration machine.

    • 5. Tolerable G-force

      Our VibroFit works within a g-force of up to 4.1g. This is a range most people can tolerate without experiencing extreme discomfort. You will be able to use your vibration plate and feel the difference in your body and health without a worry. Powerfit, on the other hand, has not provided relevant information on their vibration plate’s g-force.

    • 6. Wide Speed Range

      Many companies who produce low range frequency vibration plates offer a small range of speed levels. With the VibroFit, you will be able to choose from 200 speed levels, enabling you to move gradually from low to high intensity or fluctuate the intensity by a few notches to customise a varied circuit training routine. Powerfit offer 99 and 20-50 (depending on the model) speed levels respectively.

    • 7. Adequate Power

      At 350W, VibroFit weighs in to be more adequately powered than Powerfit which offers 200W vibration plates. With our Bluetooth pairing capabilities and increasingly downsized living spaces, we want you to hear your heartbeat thumping to your favourite music, not your vibration plate hard at work.


    • 8. Easy-to-use & Stow Away

      While Powerfit come with 3 preset programs, the VibroFit has 10 preset programs to choose from and customisable manual settings. All of VibroFit’s whole body vibration machines come with Bluetooth pairing capabilities. Powerfit does not have this capability. VibroFit Pro-X is also designed to be slim and easy to stow away so you can use it anywhere you want to. Weighing less than 13kg, while Powerfit weighs 16kg. Vibrofit 3D due to its duo motor capacity obviously weighs more then anyone else at 21 kgs.
      With VibroFit, you can start your workout with one push of the button and have your adrenaline pumping to your favourite music. Gone are the days where you require ample space for bulky, expensive and hard-to-operate gym equipment for the workout you need.

    • 9. Comprehensive Warranty & Support

      VibroFit and offers a 30-day free trial, no-questions-asked money back guarantee for its vibration plates. In fact, if you are not satisfied with your VibroFit, we will even arrange and pay for it to be shipped back to us. Every purchase also comes with a 3 year warranty for Vibrofit 3D and 1 year Warranty for Vibrofit Pro-X while Powerfit offer a 1 year warranty.

    • 10. Reputable Manufacturer - Optimum

      Optimum Appliances is a renowned global brand for quality appliances which undergo strict product testing. Their facilities are also ISO9001:2000 approved and their products have achieved UL, CE, EMC and IEC Accreditation. Quality Standards and Safety testing are also carried out by the SGS – one of the largest, most respected global standards compliance businesses. Optimum and its suppliers are veterans in developing trusted appliances in over 60 countries.

    • 11. Unbeatable Value

      Above all, VibroFit offers an unbeatable price for the quality and support you get compared to the Powerfit ($899) and Vibroslim ($429-$599). At $350, you will be getting a better value than any of our competitors’ vibration plates in terms of practicality, functionality, durability and reliability. VibroFit represents what “less is more” truly is.

      What You Need to Know About Vibration Plates

Vibrofit One – Sleek And Compact Multi-Directional Vibration Fitness Plates
Vibrofit One – Sleek And Compact Multi-Directional Vibration Fitness Plates

RRP: £349


RRP: £379 £279


RRP: £299 £189