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324, The Optimum 600 (3rd Gen) Big Mouth Cold Press Juicer, Our Newest Benchmark Juicer - A Step Up From The 700 !, 289,

The Optimum 600 (3rd Gen) Big Mouth Cold Press Juicer, Our Newest Benchmark Juicer - A Step Up From The 700 !

The Optimum 600 (3rd Gen) Big Mouth Cold Press Juicer, Our Newest Benchmark Juicer - A Step Up From The 700 !

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Save 28%

RRP: £399.00

Limited Time Sale: £289.00

The Optimum 600 (3rd Generation) Includes:

  • 50% larger juicing screw for enhanced juice and nutrient extraction
  • Strainers – coarse and fine strainers for juicing versatility
  • Juicer cleaning brush
  • Hard copy recipe book
  • 30 Day money back guarantee – Includes return postage!
  • Access to expert support team
  • 24x7 support & warranty

Product Specifications

Appliance specifications:   Optimum 3rd Generation
Speed (RPM):  
43 RPM
Product Dimensions:  
Product Weight:  
7 Kg
Intelligent reverse function:  
Automatic reset button:  
Chute Dimensions:  
8CM chute/feeding tube and tamper
Black, Red and Silver
Ultem, Tritan, ABS, PC
10 years on motor and 2 years on parts

What Comes In The Box?

  • 2 Juicing bowls (1.2 Litres)
  • Juice tap and anti-drip cap
  • Spinning basket
  • GE Ultem Strainer and Screw Auger
  • Ice cream attachment
  • Base containing the 200W AC Brushless Motor
  • Recipe book and manual
  • Cleaning brush
  • To Register your warranty (recommended), please go online at:Warranty Registrationand fill all the information.

Faster and Better Quality Juice

The slow speed of the Optimumm 600 slow juicer combined with a significantly larger auger will smash your fruit to perfection resulting in better quality, tastier and larger amount of juice.

Below are 2 videos demonstrating this great juicer live!

Watch this video! See all the amazing benefits of the Optimum 600 Juicer - in action

Watch Christine Bailey, Qualified Leading Nutritional Consultant, Compare & Endorse the
Optimum 600 vs Centrifugal (main stream) Juicers.

Watch the Milestone detox resort discover the Optimum 600

The benefits of Slow Juicing Technology vs Traditional / Mainstream Juicers***

More Juice**
Up to 50% more

  Cold pressed juicers operate at much lower speeds (45-80 RPM) keeping heat generation to a minimum. The gentle squeezing and crushing action retains maximum amount of nutrients and Juice, as produce is never exposed to heat.   Traditional juicers spin up to 30,000 revs per minute. This pumps air through produce, incurring premature oxidization. The blades shred fruit and vegetables into tiny particles exposing them to air, compromising their nutrient value & quantity.

More Nutrients**
Up to 42% more vitamin C, up to 60% more vitamin A. 

  Many more nutrients are present in our juice as the temperature remains very low, due to the low RPM of just 65. And the juice is squeezed out rather than grated & smashed.   The high spinning action of traditional juicers will shred the vegetables and fruits into timy particles exposing them to air and the additional oxidisation will reduce the enzymes and other nutrients in the juice.

Better Juice Quality

  Slow extracted juice is safe in the Fridge for up to 2-3 days. Very little foam is produced and the enzymes and nutrients are generally left whole which means your juice will last and be just as healthy for you.   Traditional juicers juice will seperate within ten minutes and you will see a clear demarcation line between the water and the juice affecting the taste of the juice and its lasting consistency. It is recommended to drink the juice straight after juicing.

Additional Flexibility

  The Optimum 600 works like a charm when juicing wheatgrass and other leafy greens. It can also make nut butters and much more!   Struggles with wheatgrass and other leafy greens making mainly foam. There is no chance of making nut butters.

Lower Noise Levels

  30-50dB - very quiet   70-80dB similar to a vacuum cleaner
  • Neil Martin - Natural Juice Junkie :

    Having achieved a miraculous transformation in his own health, Neil is now recognised as one of the UK's leading juicing experts. Neil is a qualified) Natural Juice Therapist, registered with the Complimentary Medical Association. Through his website ( and his juice detox programs he has been able to deliver significant health benefits to thousands of people throughout the world. Neil's recipes are often described as tasting “too good to be healthy”. Neil can regularly be found hosting sold out events throughout the UK as he continues his mission to share the benefits of a juicy lifestyle.

    Neil Martinarrow
    “WOW! Cold press juicing just went broadband. The Optimum 600 from Froothie is a game changer and put simply, it is the best juicer I’ve ever used”Read More


  • Christine Bailey – Advance Nutrition LTD

    Christine is a qualified leading Nutritional Consultant, Chef, Journalist and Media Expert. During her extensive training she gained a First Class Honours degree in Nutritional Therapy at the renowned Nutrition Centre CNELM. She is also qualified to MSc level and holds at PGCE for adult training and lecturing. An experienced Food and Health Writer Christine regularly contributes to national and local Magazines and Newspapers on Food, Health, Nutrition and Fitness. She has appeared extensively in the media including radio and television. She is author of several health and recipe books.

    Christine Baileyarrow
    “The Optimum 600 Juicer is a fabulous higher quality masticating juicer. Not only is it fast with minimum preparation time thanks to the large chute & Auger but it can handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including my favourite - leafy greens. Whether you are new to juicing or a juicer convert you will find this juicer produces exceptional smooth juice in minutes.”Read More


  • Jacqueline Meldrum Tinned Tomatoes :

    Jacqueline Meldrum is a food writer and recipe developer who writes vegetarian and vegan recipes on her blog Tinned Tomatoes. She also writes for Baby Centre UK, Great British Chefs and Readers Digest. Jacqueline was named top food blogger by Foodies 100 in 2013, by Vegetarian Living magazine in 2014 and was named a vegetarian and vegan blog you need to know about by The Guardian.

    Jac Meldrumarrow
    “I have the Optimum 9400 blender and Optimum 400 slow juicer. I use at least one of them every day for juices, smoothies, soups, sauces and desserts. I love their power, the quality of the result I get and they are so quick and easy to clean. Before I start cooking I always stop to think "Can I speed this up with my Froothie?"”Read More


  • Susan Davies - Holistic Coach :

    Susan Davies is a holistic coach, author, editor and founder of Thrive Magazine. Thrive Magazine is packed full of practical nutritional info, great articles and features on food and health and easy-to-follow recipes. Each issue has articles written by key writers within the nutrition and health world and offers valuable well being advice on how to become the best version of you that you could possibly

    “Juicing played a huge part in my journey back to health. In the early days when I was making the initial diet changes, juicing was without doubt a kick start to a healthier eating routine……… a brilliant way to gain more energy and to help your body and mind reach it’s natural stat of wellbeing…… Looking for a reliable, easy to clean juicer? Without a doubt the Optimum 600 Slow Juicer comes out top. I’ve burnt my way through a number of other brands on my juicing journey and nothing has stood the test of time like the Optimum 600”


  • Karen Maidment – Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach :

    Karen is a CHEF Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III, Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialist, Food Author/ Blogger and Nutrition Chef. She began her training in the Holistic Health Industry in 2005, now specialising in inflammatory conditions, digestive disturbances, food intolerances and chronic energy challenges. She advises and supports clients across the U.K. and Europe in private health & nutrition coaching, group educational and cookery workshops, public events and talks. And is a pioneer for quality food and farming practices as the WAPF (Weston A Price Foundation) chapter leader for Gloucestershire.

    “After watching a fantastic demonstration of the Optimum 600 Slow Juicer, I now juice every day and recommend my clients to do the same! The wide mouth allows me to feed all of my fruits and vegetables through easily without chopping and I love the fact that the slow juice mechanism preserves all of the valuable nutrients in my organic fruits and veggies. This is a MUST for anyone serious about improving their health and wellbeing through nutrition.”Read More


Customer Review

Latest Product Reviews

Customer reviews - From Customers For Customers:

Below Are All The Product Reviews That Have Been Collected By An Independant Company E-Komi (Google Certified) Who Sends An E-Mail To All Froothie Buyers Asking For Their Feedback After Their Purchase.

I have recommend it to family and friends.
17/01/2019 21:39:00
* * * * *
It's my first juicer so have nothing to compare with but I am very pleased with it.
15/01/2019 09:59:00
* * * * *
Good quality. Entire family uses it.
11/01/2019 03:04:00
* * * * *
The 600 (3rd Gen) Juicer is very well made and simple to use and clean. Have used it daily for various juices and have also made a berry sorbet. Will try nut butter and nut milk soon.
Recommend this juicer to anyone that need a well made simple to use and clean juicer, that makes more than just juice.
03/01/2019 10:54:00
* * * * *
great juicer highly recommended .
18/12/2018 20:50:00
* * * * *
Juicing is easy and convenient with this machine
16/12/2018 23:29:00
* * * * *
I had the 700 which unfortunately broke so I had to purchase the 600 however I have to say I still think I prefer the 700's twin chute.
15/12/2018 21:49:00
* * * * *
Great juicer
10/12/2018 07:45:00
* * * * *
I make juice and will make nut milks. I bring juice into work and folk tend to ask what machine I recommend . Quality is good, I do think some of the parts will wear out but as long as there are spares that is
04/12/2018 11:30:00
* * * * *
Wrote a lot in previous section. I juice for myself and hubby every 3 days. I make 3 batches, first ginger and apple plus little lemon, my ginger shot! Nect, our main green ‘medication ‘ juice including a few turmeric, maca, lucama, spiralina, wheat grass, my own grown sprouting, brewers yeast, physyllium husks, taurine, chia seeds with kale, cucumber pineapple apples, little basil, celery, lime, courgette, carrots. Last juice mainly for hubby, oranges apples and carrots with little ginger. A MUST to keep and feel healthy, got me off the horrid R.A. meds including diazepam which was making me worse! Great quality for a VERY GOOD PRICE,,,this is my third, though previous all still work but passed to others not affording a juicer..highly recommend Froothie
01/12/2018 07:43:00
* * * * *
Use juicer all the time. Produces delicious, flavourful juice with no need for straining. Impressed with the yield. Find the machine easier to clean than the 400 model which I had loved using for years! Also noticed many improvements to the durability/ design of parts improving efficiency etc. All in all very happy and impressed!
30/11/2018 06:12:35
* * * * *
good use
quality good
28/11/2018 01:59:40
* * * * *
I love this juicer, I upgraded from the Optimum 300, however it rocks a little when in use. This doesn't affect the end product but it does make you a little nervous as to why it rocks.
21/11/2018 16:50:16
* * * * *
We love the juicer! We previously had a centrifugal (fast) juicer and, now we have this new juicer, we has realised how stressful the last one was. We just let this one run without worrying about the motor and feed the produce in while it quietly and efficiently does its thing (a much better way to start the day). The end result tastes better too!
This juicer is solidly made and feels sturdy. We use it every day and feel it will last years of service. If you can afford a juicer of this quality, don't hesitate as we couldn't be happier with ours.
20/11/2018 21:20:15
* * * * *
Love the product juicing is so easy and I have recommended it to my friends and family, the quality is at a high standard🍏🌶🍅🍋🥦🥒🍇
25/10/2018 06:45:49
* * * * *
I use my juicer mostly for oranges and carrot juice as well as green juice which consists of spinach, kale and green apples. The juicer deals with everything really well. Can't really knock it. So far so good.
06/09/2018 20:22:48
* * * * *
05/09/2018 22:01:01
* * * * *
I use the product to prepare fresh juice for me, my friends and my family. I recommend the juicer to everyone who wants a good quality juice
13/08/2018 19:43:51
* * * * *
We use this mainly to juice ginger and other fruit and it is brilliant. Would definitely recommend.
13/08/2018 14:40:16
* * * * *
Only used for a short time, but good so far.
04/08/2018 18:13:26
* * * * *
i love my juicer easy use easy clean use it for the whole family can see a difference in kids an myself best thing iv ever bought
08/05/2018 23:19:33
* * * * *
What a brilliant juicer. Simple to use and clean and produces a far superior juice than my old centrifugal machine
30/04/2018 12:49:07
* * * * *
Excellent quality product - made to last!
02/02/2018 19:10:46
* * * * *
More fiddly than I expected.
12/05/2017 09:18:00
* * * * *
Excellent juicer, although I would hardly say it's no prep, to make a juice you have to wash and cut the veg and fruit up into manageable pieces to go into the Shute and for it to easily move through.
05/04/2017 08:08:00
* * * * *
I use the product on a daily basis and the quality of the end result is good - whereby the remaining pulp is quite dry - so most of the juice is extracted.
The reason for three stars?
This replaced a horizontal juicer and seems to have far more parts. Everything is a bit too fiddly, contoured and not easy to clean and dry, giving rise to concerns over hygiene in time, no matter how meticulously you clean it.
Also, the parts inside, particularly the plug that goes behind the pulp exit chamber seem flimsy and is a primary weak-spot for failure.
All in all, not a bad machine but, in my opinion, the design could be improved.
Time will tell and the guarantee is good but, the potential of a man without his juicer due to unit failure... doesn't bear thinking about!
16/03/2017 02:25:00
* * * * *
Noisy but otherwise good.
27/02/2017 09:48:00
* * * * *
This machine is brilliant and perfect. I love that there's no need to cut the fruit and vegetables into small pieces. I recommend this machine for home users no matter beginners or advanced juice lovers. I spent 2 months for research and testing different types of slow juicer press machines. As a result I decided to take the Optimum 600 - very good price, guarantee and excellent quality. Thank you so much and wish you success with the new development. I would like to see your JuiSir in action :) good luck
25/02/2017 14:39:00
* * * * *
I use the juicer for mainly alcoholic fresh juice drinks and for making detox drinks
07/02/2017 17:23:00
* * * * *
I have already submitted an extensivem review with recommendation info etc. the four rather than five stars is because I find the outer loose jugs a little irritating. I would prefer it all to be integral and compact if I am totally honest.Just a stand to hold them in place while they are filling up etc? the lack of weight makes them a bit flighty.
06/02/2017 14:51:00
* * * * *
I use my juicer almost every day - a very robust machine. Perhaps the little orange plastic bits could be looked at again.
22/12/2016 07:21:00
* * * * *
I use the product semi-commercially and it is robust enough for me to use in my juice detox centre.
18/11/2016 05:58:00
* * * * *
I like this juicer, works really well with high juice yield and easy to clean. My only criticism is the small parts that look a bit flimsy and I foresee them breaking. I don't see any place to purchase spare parts if and when that happens so the whole machine becomes useless due to a small rubber plug breaking! I hope not but too early to tell at the moment.
13/11/2016 09:15:00
* * * * *
I don't use it as often as I would like to at the moment as I am just too busy but hope to use it more in the future.

I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to improve their health and wellbeing.
06/10/2016 08:55:43
* * * * *
It's a fantastic juicer! Sometimes has a little more pulp than what I would like but great for all the veg and fruits that I put into it.
27/09/2016 17:37:21
* * * * *
My husband is juicing crazy at the moment and it's definitely his new best toy! He's been put on a very strict diet by a nutritionist and hopefully this will make our lives a lot easier.
21/06/2016 09:39:00
* * * * *
I use the product every day and make juices for myself and other family members. It produces good quality juices and is very efficent.
23/05/2016 09:57:00
* * * * *
This is the "rolls royce" of juicers etc. Would recommend it to all my patients, in fact have already done so and one has bought it !
25/04/2016 10:02:00
* * * * *
Well,I'm going to introduce this product to friends. I'm very impressed with what I saw the juicer doing on YouTube.
16/03/2016 19:35:00
* * * * *
Excellent product - amazing just how much juice is extracted and how dry the pulp is. Easy to use - slightly fiddly to clean but no biggy - just a minute or so and leave to dry. Seems solid and after a few times, re-assembly takes about 30 seconds. Great product - great support :)
16/03/2016 08:36:00
* * * * *
Very good quality
15/01/2016 16:51:00
* * * * *
A great piece of kit, second to none. If you are umming and ahhhing at the price, Don't worry, it is money well spent. The quality of the product is only surpassed by the quality of the juice it produces. We made Ice cream from frozen bananas and a ton of drinks in the first day alone. Cleaning took less than two minutes. I can't recommend this product enough.
12/01/2016 22:02:00
* * * * *
so fare, so good. made just a few juices. very happy.
29/11/2015 19:12:00
* * * * *
Delighted with the cold press juicer...I have been using a centrifugal juicer for some time, but I find this produces a much nicer juice and a drier pulp. Much quieter when running as well, does what it says on the tin!
11/11/2015 15:26:00
* * * * *
The product I bought was their optimum 600 slow juicer which I so far have used a few times since I got it a few days ago and so far this machine has exceeded expectations it is totally worth the money spent on it feels very sturdy I have no worries in believing this machine will last me for yrs it really is a strong bit of kit and very quiet but be aware it is also very heavy to lift so not really suitable for people with reduced arm strength you will need a strong man!!!
08/11/2015 14:51:00
* * * * *
daily juicing for all the family
03/11/2015 08:21:42
* * * * *
Juicer is very well made. Its very robust and looks fantastic on my work top.

I woud recommend this juicer to anyone who is serious about juicing
29/10/2015 09:45:15
* * * * *
Best juicer I've ever had
26/10/2015 07:33:03
* * * * *
The juicer is easy to use and very easy to assemble
14/10/2015 10:44:49
* * * * *
We are delighted with the Optimum 600 juicer. We unpacked it the same day and had our first juice straight away and use it every day since. It is so great not having to pre-cut everything. And the juice is so creamy! The best juice ever! It's so energising that we don't might having to clean it afterwards :) The pulp is very dry which shows the high quality of the juicer. As we only use organic produce or produce from the farmers market we use the pulp afterwards to make flaxseed crackers in the dehydrator. We just love it!
13/10/2015 08:25:07
* * * * *
Love this juicer! I use it everyday and it's so easy to clean. Amazing. The juice taste delicious and smooth. You won't regret buying it!
06/10/2015 22:09:01
* * * * *
Optimum 600 slow juicer is amazing it does more than just juice. Easy to use and clean. Low level noise. All round work horse.
21/09/2015 21:05:14
* * * * *
Very good product. The only problem I've experienced is with overheating when making big batches of juice. It cuts out until it cools down; no biggie but the reason I stopped short of 5 stars. The waste outlet is also a bit prone to blocking up especially with strandy produce like celery so it's best to chop that up fine. All in all still a great juicer.
21/09/2015 20:25:42
* * * * *
I use this product to create juices for myself at home. Best juicer I have used. Highly recommended.
21/09/2015 12:37:56
* * * * *
I have not used the product yet! I assume it will be impressive if not and the machine is not doing what it should be doing I will get in contact.
09/07/2015 13:47:17
* * * * *
After having used other juicers, this one is like a breath of fresh air. Never again will I go back to a different sort of juicer. The quality of juice is so much better and operation of juicer and cleaning is easy. Plenty of you tube videos for juicer assembly as well
07/07/2015 06:56:18
* * * * *
Great product. Loving it!
04/07/2015 07:03:24
* * * * *
Excellent machine, I have made delicious and nutritious juices for my family!
06/06/2015 21:42:24
* * * * *
Great juicer... It is obviously an investment, but it is worth it.
31/05/2015 19:46:33
* * * * *
The product appears to be good and have used it once but noticed a small fault on the juice plug which I have now reported to Froothie.
29/05/2015 17:38:32
* * * * *
Great vertical masticating juicer which makes juices taste fresher than our old centrifugal one!
28/05/2015 08:40:26
* * * * *
Brilliant machine, quiet in operation and great to look at. I've had a good quality masticating juicer for personal use for many years but I'm seriously impressed with how much more the yeild is with the Optimum 600, the pulp is so much drier. Very happy with my purchase.
25/05/2015 21:34:19
* * * * *
I use my 600 at least once a week. The juice it produces is excellent. Generally I am over the moon with it but there have been a few grumbles. If I juice celery or ginger the stringy bits get stuck and block up the hole where the waste comes out which is really annoying.Also after reading all the instructions thoughly i have never done anything which is not recommended but somehow the bowl cracked... The bowl has been replaced although I am now cutting things up instead of putting them in whole because I am worried it will break again. This is also annoying because the reasone i picked this was because it was advertised as being able to juice without have to chop things so I could have just bought the cheaper version. However, I can't deny that the juice it produces is exceptional and overall I am over the moon 😁
17/05/2015 09:24:12
* * * * *
Really good juicer, and because it's cold pressed you can make enough juice for 2-3 days and keep it in the fridge - this saves me loads of time. The machine is quite large and heavy, though, so only order it if you have room in your kitchen.
15/05/2015 16:49:31
* * * * *
Had my optimum for just over a week. Really enjoying how reliable and capable it is so far. From spinach to pineapple its coping well.

Much less noise than my Fusion . Makes a reassuring sound instead. Glad ive upgraded.
11/05/2015 18:03:40
* * * * *
Very very easy to use, very quiet and fascinating to watch. Excellent qualtity of juice and dry pulp YEHHHH fantastic. AND VERY EASY to CLEAN... perfect!!
09/05/2015 18:47:06
* * * * *
Good one better than ***
06/05/2015 18:19:45
* * * * *
It is good
05/05/2015 07:13:23
* * * * *
i have had a champion juicer for about
6 years this juicer is a pleasure to
use and i hope i have it for many
27/04/2015 20:57:21
* * * * *
This is a super product. I use it everyday for all my juices and I can put anything in it. Highly recommended to all who wants to get healthy and stay healthy with fresh juices!!
27/04/2015 14:54:25
* * * * *
Great product. Good customer service
27/04/2015 07:47:07
* * * * *
The quality of the product is good. It could be excellent if it had slightly thicker more robust plastics, I fear that if one of the jugs were to hit the floor it would probably break it. I also wonder how long the internal plastics will fair over time. I would have preferred stainless steel rather than plastics for the internal components.
25/04/2015 21:54:12
* * * * *
I use my Optimum 600 daily to make several juices and really like it a lot. Its quiet and creates delicious juices. However, I am experiencing some clogging of the pulp shoot which is annoying. That is the only reason for not giving it 5 stars.
14/04/2015 12:06:51
* * * * *
We are thoroughly enjoying the juices we produce and willcertainly be recommending the product to family and friends.
12/04/2015 20:05:03
* * * * *
10/04/2015 18:15:59
* * * * *
All good but a bit of a hassle to clean the waste chute.
09/04/2015 14:32:20
* * * * *
Superb on all veg and fruit only pain is cleaning but that is same with any juicer. mostly easy to clean and brush helps.
05/04/2015 13:35:20
* * * * *
Already a great juicer. I'm sure that the next product will make improvements in the ease of feeding without needing to use a tamper.
I am recommending this to my juicy friends.
05/04/2015 11:34:48
* * * * *
very pleased with quality of machine and juice. We expected it to be a bit slower than centrifugal juicer. and a bit more awkward to assemble . I was but not as bad as we anticipated . We are retired anyway so don't mind the extra fuss for the nicer juice. Big plus is how quite it is and therapeutic watching it feed its sell
01/04/2015 09:09:13
* * * * *
Very good machine
29/03/2015 10:57:08
* * * * *
I love my new product its the best. I have recommend to friends and family.
16/03/2015 19:40:45
* * * * *
Very good juicer, pulp not as dry as my old one and juice very bitty. A strainer would be a useful addition to cope with this. Difficult to get the pulp out of the entrance to the chute. But it's quick and juice tastes good.
15/03/2015 19:16:02
* * * * *
This is my first ever juicer, so I've got nothing to compare it to. My thoughts on it so far:

- It feels very sturdy and well made
- It looks really good
- I like how easy it is to use and to assemble and disassemble
- I like the handle on the base, so you can easily pick it up
- I do find I get a lot of pulp in my juice (especially if I'm juicing carrots and beetroots) - but I've no idea if this is normal or not with slow, masticating juicers
- I find the juicing bowl quite difficult to clean - especially the junction of the juicing bowl and the juice spout, but the rest of it is easy to clean
- Juice drips out when I have the smart cap on (I've tried pushing it in as hard as possible). Not sure if this is a fault with my item, or it's just what you get with smart caps
- I'm a bit confused by the instructions provided, as it seems to contradict some of the videos I've seen online (no mention in the instructions about cashew milk; still not sure how to use the juicer to make a smoothie - do I need a separate smoothie strainer that hasn't come with the product?; the instructions say to remove peel from citrus fruits and pineapple, yet people are putting in whole lemons / oranges in the videos, as well as pineapple with its skin on)
- The instructions also say to cut up your fruit - I think this might be the instruction manual for the Optimum 400, which has been edited (just not very thoroughly!)
- The 100 juice recipes book seems very hastily put together: quite a few mistakes in it; some recipes are very vague, or relate to the Optimum 400; the pictures often have no bearing on the juice recipe they're supposed to represent

Overall, I'm very happy with the product and am using it on a daily basis.
04/03/2015 22:41:11
* * * * *
The Optimum 600 is my first juicer so I may not be able to compare it's performance to any other product in the market, but I find it very easy to use. Unfortunately it's and absolute nightmare to clean it properly. there's a small brush included in the box, but it isn't small enough to get to the many tiny crevices of the machine. However, I've read and watched many reviews of the product and I can say the performance of this machine lives up to the hype. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get the most juice out of vegetables.
28/02/2015 21:19:34
* * * * *
Very efficient machine.
26/02/2015 12:50:01
* * * * *
My wife and I are happy with the juicer, the only observation I have is food particles getting caught by the chute and takes effort to clean.
24/02/2015 09:19:58
* * * * *
18/02/2015 13:39:28
* * * * *
This is an upgrade to my 400 and certainly lives up to expectation - equally good product, but much quicker and less fuss (i.e. chopping) - aesthetically, I leave it on the worktop alongside my NEW blender, as they look good together and are a great talking point when friends come over - just love them. I use it most mornings for our breakfast juice and tend to experiment more with ingredients, as I have more time due to less prep (chopping).
12/02/2015 10:31:06
* * * * *
Everything I wished for in a juicer
08/02/2015 22:52:55
* * * * *
Quieter than my old *** centrifugal juicer. Easy enough to clean. Higher yield of juice, however instructions suggest peeling everything and soaking the harder vegetables first to soften them, which is a bit of a faf. Also beetroot can be quite pulpy rather than smooth.
08/02/2015 18:19:44
* * * * *
Excellent quality and highly recommended to all who wants to start with juicing
08/02/2015 14:11:08
* * * * *
Using it for our family - great product - easy to use and very quiet.
07/02/2015 18:59:23
* * * * *
excellent juicer and does everything its meant to do and cleaning a juicer isnt a chore anymore
05/02/2015 20:33:07
* * * * *
Solid and easy to use and clean
03/02/2015 18:56:53
* * * * *
I use the juicer everyday. A great way to get all your daily vitamins/nutrients. And would recommend anyone to try. So easy to use.
29/01/2015 12:26:32
* * * * *
We've owned the juicer for 19 days. It is used 2/3x per day, for fruit and vegetable juices - orange, lemon, lime, apple, pear, grape, banana, toms, carrot, beetroot, spinach, brocolli, celery.
The juicer performance is top notch, producing really smooth juice. Although a slow speed m/c, the large diameter auger makes for fast results! The design, build and assembly quality is robust and first rate, although we did find some very minor oversights in quality control - these are being rectified right now... Unbelievably sad, my wife and I, fight over using it and rate it as the best 'present-to-self' this season! Oh, dear, little things... We'd recommend the juicer to anyone who cared to ask, no hesitation.
27/01/2015 17:29:17
* * * * *
It does not juice cucumber with skin on very well. Celery creates a stringy ball that does not expel well.
A number of the markings on the equipment are wrongly marked e.g. Open and Close are reversed, and the instruction manual contains similar mistakes.
26/01/2015 17:13:52
* * * * *
I found it to be very juicy
23/01/2015 08:03:52
* * * * *
20/01/2015 20:47:53
* * * * *
Fantastic juicer-makes the juicing process very easy and does not compromise on taste. Have been using it every day since purchase. It is very well made, of solid construction and straightforward to use.
16/01/2015 08:27:34
* * * * *
I use this juicer every day, at the very least once a day, and am about to embark upon a 60 day reboot, when it's going to get LOTS of use!
It's great for juicing, although a little bit more fiddly to use than my previous centrifugal juicer, but it gives a much better yield which is important when you're spending a lot of money on produce.
It is very easy to use and clean, compared with most other slow juicers that I've seen.

I've not tried the other functions myself as yet, such as nut milks, but have seen it done in person in this machine and it looks easy, so will be trying it as soon as my diet calls for it.
It takes up less room on my counter than the centrifugal juicer as well, and is stunningly well made. All in all I'm very impressed, and pleased as punch! The only thing I would change? A much longer electric cable, it's too short.
11/01/2015 11:33:37
* * * * *
excellent product, still experimenting
10/01/2015 18:02:08
* * * * *
I tend to use every other day only because I would do enough juicing for a couple of days as it produces a very good volume of juice from anything I put in it - even greens like spinach & kale! I haven't used the blank attachment yet but look forward to fruit sorbets in the summer. I find it a very quick @ quiet pulp-free juicer, easy to use, easy to clean.
10/01/2015 13:43:19
* * * * *
I use for juicing for myself and my family. I love that jugs make a good amount of juice and is easy to clean. The service and delivery was very good and i would definately recomend both product and service
09/01/2015 21:19:22
* * * * *
I use the juicer every day and hope to do so for the rest of my life. The vertical system, large chute and large auger are my reason for changing as these will speed up my preparation and clean up time. Also I have been surprised how much more juice I am getting each time and how dry the pulp is.
The pulp jug will make it easy for me to separate my pulp, saving the veg pulp pulp for reuse, while composting pulp like pineapple skin, tough lemon and lime rinds and stringy kale/celery stems can be composted.
I also hope to experiment with making nut butters and milks rather than buying them.
The Optimum 600 is very well made. Being rather heavy, it will certainly stay om my counter top next to the kettle. It is not an item I would want to have to lift in and out of a cupboard often. The 2 jugs fit inside each other which is handy as they can be stored elsewhere as my kitchen is very small.
I have found that closing the juicing cap then pouring some warm water through with the juicer switched on, then opening the cap really helps with the cleaning.
09/01/2015 08:12:56
* * * * *
We've only had the juicer a few days so can only make a few comments. The quality appears to be excellent (as with the optimum blende that we have) and it is quiet in operation. The juice that we have made to date has been great - including celery and leaves, which I've not been able to juice before. The pulp that is left is quite dry so extraction is very good. It's a little fiddly to clean but better than our old centrifugal juicer and it seems that it will be worth that little extra effort for the quality of the juice. No slow juicers are cheap and I'd recommend this to those who can afford it.
29/12/2014 15:50:18
* * * * *
M'y own use
23/12/2014 07:53:25
* * * * *
Use several times a day. Manual is not accurate. It seems better suited to the earlier model. Otherwise, I would score this product excellent
19/12/2014 13:53:28
* * * * *
A fantastic, really "top of the range" juicer for just about anyone who is really serious about their health and wellbeing.

Works quickly and without fuss, and tackles just about anything that has juice in it! The flavour of the juice is amazing, and the pulp from this machine is almost dry, so you get all the goodness from your fruit and veggies.

Assembly is a bit bewildering at first, but the instructions are totally straightforward and easy to follow, and totally comprehensive. When it has been done once, it becomes perfectly easy and clear how to assemble and take apart for cleaning, and cleaning is extremely quick and simple.
18/12/2014 22:13:29
* * * * *
Quality of product is very good, makes excellent juices.
17/12/2014 14:47:53
* * * * *
the best juicer i have ever used.......fantastic piece of equipment which is well made,heavy duty and should last a long time......a bit pricey for juicing but the cheaper ones just don't last when using daily.......
16/12/2014 15:54:50
* * * * *
the product is excellent
15/12/2014 12:30:42
* * * * *
The juicer is amazing, I would highly recommend it to anybody who is serious about juicing. It would pay for itself in 6 months with the reduced amount of fruit and vegetables you would need to buy as it juices so much more!
08/12/2014 09:00:31
* * * * *
A fantastic product, easy to use and clean and produces an excellent high quality juice
07/12/2014 21:10:56
* * * * *
I'm new to this style of juicer and need to practice more.
Despite the silicone on the juice spout, it doesn't click into place so I still get drips. Going to contact Froothie for advice as this is a big selling point that hasn't lived up to expectations.
Everything else I bought this for has proved true and wonderful and I'm looking forward to doing more juicing - key thing for me is to juice the night before as I'm an owl not a lark!
09/11/2014 21:01:41
* * * * *
great juicer but difficult to clean - thats the only downside.
07/11/2014 13:22:39
* * * * *
had to for 3 days . very happy so far
05/11/2014 13:13:40
* * * * *
Solidly built juicer.
Fantastic juices
02/11/2014 11:40:51
* * * * *
brilliant juicer. I'm so impressed. Have had good juicers in the past but this is far the best.
31/10/2014 19:30:53
* * * * *
I use the product most days, once I had worked out how to assemble which is very easy once you have used it a few times - it's a great juicer, it's easy to clean and it's quiet. If your one of those people that needs to eat more fruit and veg yet most days you miss out then this juicer is for you - it's a fantastic way to consume loads of those important nutrients that goes a long way to your "five a day" - Happy juicing :-)
26/10/2014 09:53:48
* * * * *
Really happy with the juicer. Juices with ease.
26/10/2014 06:44:23
* * * * *
Love my new juicer. Made a delicious juice yesterday and was pleased how quick and easy it was to clean. I love knowing the products are of the highest quality at a great price and I am making delicious healthy drinks thanks to froothie! Ps I love zanes YouTube clips too!
22/10/2014 11:38:41
* * * * *
i have only used this once since I purchased it - but so far I found it very simple to use. the ONLY problem was that the OPEN CLOSE arrows on the appliance were in the wrong place..... it said that CLOSE > to the right and OPEN to the left< so I was struggling at first - then I realised that the instructions in the manuel were the opposite of the way that it was labelled on the machine.....
I have not used a juicer before and I did think that the pulp might have been a little drier... but all told it seems to be fine.. _ I do not really think I have had sufficient time to write a proper review as I have only used it once since it arrived
16/10/2014 19:43:13
* * * * *
I use it for juicing every day. Best option among all the slow juicer available in the market.
16/10/2014 11:17:16
* * * * *
A superb product and vastly superior to my Hurom slow juicer. As there is no need to cut up produce (except big items such as pineapples) juicing takes much less time and makes less mess. My only criticism is the instructions could be better particularly using the closed screen for other things such as nut butters.
14/10/2014 18:49:32
* * * * *
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