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Beth Sachs from Jam and Clotted Cream

I blended a green smoothie (containing spinach, kale, mango and kiwi - one of my favourites) at 9am yesterday morning. The first picture (below) shows the colour of the smoothie at 9am, the second photo shows the smoothie 12 hours later. This is game changing for me as it means I can blend up my morning smoothie just before I go to bed with no effect or trade-up on quality, taste or nutritional value. It also means I can spend an extra 5 minutes on the cross trainer in the morning sleeping.
Christine Bailey
Beth Sach has been blogging from her North Cornwall kitchen for 10 years. She creates family friendly recipes that even the fussiest of children will enjoy. Her blog is called Jam and Clotted Cream.Read the full review.... Click Here.
Jan Bennett from A Glug of Oil
"The Optimum VAC2 Air Vacuum Power blender from Froothie is not 'just another high powered blender' it's a heavy duty blender that has the option to be used with or without vacuum. Just look at this gorgeous machine; I say it definitely looks the part, but not only that it makes life so much easier in the kitchen. Read the full review.... Click here."
Jan Bennet Lives in Shropshire and shares recipes and reviews from her tiny kitchen. She focuses on easy home-cooking and gadgets that make life much easier. Glug of Oil was named one of the top 70 food blogs in the UK.
Sharon Collins from Bit of the Good Stuff:
"I was amazed at the difference. While the juice from the regular blender went a rusty brown colour and started to separate within minutes after blending, the juice blended in the Vac 2 Vacuum blender remained yellow and smooth in appearance (with just a thin layer of rusty bubbles on top where the juice is exposed to the air). 48 hours later and the juice still looked the same.
If you’re really into juices/smoothies and are keen to preserve the nutrients, or want to make them ahead of time and not only preserve their nutrients but also their colour and smooth texture (avoiding layer separation), then a vacuum blender would be perfect for you. Read the full review.... Click here."
Sharon Collins shares plant based recipes on her blog Bit of the Good Stuff from her home in Bath. Her recipes are published in several magazines and she has a cookbook out called Bit of the Good Stuff.
Lorna Hall from Eat Myyy Thoughts


The base of this blender looks like a launch pad; like you’ll be sending your smoothies into outer space! (I suppose, with its vacuum technology, it is a bit like sending your smoothie into outer space, but that’s beside the point…) It’s certainly very fancy looking.


  • It makes for more aesthetically pleasing smoothies and milkshakes. My dairy free banana and walnut milkshake, for example, kept its creamy colour for longer!
  • One jug does everything – smoothies, nut butters, soups… the lot! No need to change the jug. (Unlike my Optimum G2.3!)
  • By blending in a vacuum environment, nutrients are preserved and freshness retained until you open the lid, so it’s great for making things in advance.
To read more Click Here."
Lorna Hall is a cardiac nurse (BMedSci MNurs RN MRCN) and former speech and language therapist, but has spent most of her life working with children and adults with autism. She also a ‘social media influencer’, developing recipes and reviewing products for brands she loves.
Stacey from Goodness is Gorgeous


  • 1. You can make the smoothest of smoothies …
  • 2. As well as smoothies that don’t discolour as quickly
  • 3. Create your own nut butters
  • 4.Make Instant Soup
  • 5. & Vegan Cheese Sauce
  • 6. Homemade Nutella
  • 7. DIY Flour (just add 1 (2, or 3…) cup(s) oats & blitz – you’ll never need to buy oat flour again!)
  • 8. Make creamy fillings for raw desserts ….
  • 9. Create your own spices by turning whole dried chiles or other spices into ground spices
  • 10. Make nicecream for breakfast
.... Click here."
A health condition promoted Stacey who blogs at Goodness as Gorgeous to think about her health and what she eats. She moved to a plant-based diet 4 years ago and has seen an amazing improvement in her health. She works as a professional photographer and content creator as well as sharing vegan recipes on her blog.
Nicole Rossetti Le Strange from Yumsome:
I first made the Nutty Mushroom Soup from the handy recipe booklet which comes with the blender, and to say it was easy would be an understatement. I literally just had to prep the veggies, which took about a minute, chuck them into the blender jar, along with some water, cashews, herbs, and half a teaspoon of Vegeta seasoning, then select the soup preset, and wait for 6 mins. The instructions in the book say to use the tamper if necessary but it wasn’t. After the six minutes were up, the soup was beautifully smooth and creamy, and steaming hot. I measured the temperature, and it was 71°C/160°F. To read more Click Here."
Nicole is the product of a Venetian father and a British mother, and since early childhood, have lived a pretty nomadic existence. The longest I’ve ever stayed in one place was just over five years, in the house in Britain that amato mio and I bought in late 2006.
Monika Dabrowski from Everyday Healthy Recipes
"The first surprise was seeing a gallery of pictures on the box showcasing the kinds of things that this blender was capable of making. There were 15! Not 15 different types of smoothies! There were 15 photos of different dishes and only one of them was a smoothie! As it turns out I’ve been completely in the dark about what a blender is capable of. This blender can make so much more than just a smoothie! It can make dips and spreads, dressings and marinades, it can grind grains and nuts, make nut butters, nut milks, dough (that’s right, it kneads dough too!) and much more. When I spotted a photo of a bowl of soup on the box it took me several seconds to realise that that blender actually ‘makes’ the soup, not just purees a soup that’s been boiled the traditional way... Click here."
Monica uses a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs as well as quinoa and other wholegrain ingredients. she uses little fat and sugar even in desserts. she tries not to use obscure and expensive ingredients so you’ll be able to find all you need in most supermarkets (perhaps making an occasional trip to a vegetarian or international food shop, which offer a wider selection of lentils and beans).
Choclette Ammar from Tin and Thyme
I’ve made good use of the Optimum Vac2 Air Vacuum Blender over the last few weeks and have been making nutrient rich smoothies as if they were going out of fashion. I’ve used great lumps of ginger, kale, broccoli, apples, carrots and more. Everything I’ve added has come out wonderfully smooth and in only a few seconds too. Yes, you too can make a good smoothie from lumpy veg in less than a minute. It’s a simple process to operate the vacuum function of this Optimum Vac2 Air Vacuum Blender. Lower the vacuum outlet onto the lid of the jug, press the vacuum button and voila. You’ll hear a buzzing noise for seventy seconds whilst the air is removed, then the contents are ready for blending... Click Here."
Food loving vegetarian blogger with a sweet tooth but eating a lot of healthy stuff too. Experimenting with unusual foodstuffs and creating recipes are two of my food passions. I specialise in recipes that have some sort of chocolate element, be they savoury, raw, vegan, vegetarian, healthy or just plain indulgent. I'm also passionate about my home county of Cornwall and try to use as much local produce as possible. Chocolate Log Blog was one of the top five food blogs in Cornwall Today (Jan 2014) and currently ranks as #9 in the UK according to e-buzzing Gastronomy.
Neil Lockier from Neil’s Healthy Meals
"I can’t tell you how many blenders I’ve been through in my time. I use them so often for soups and smoothies that they frequently burn out! Previously, I always went for whatever blender would just do the job. I thought that my previous blenders gave reasonable results, I mean everything seemed to have been blended OK before, right? Wrong! Since starting to use the Optimum Vac2 Air Vacuum Blender, I’ve noticed such a big difference. My smoothies are so smooth, that even ones made from fruits with seeds, like raspberries, are velvety smooth. As for my soups, well they’re all amazingly creamy, with no bits of vegetables left in the bottom!... Click here."
Neil’s Healthy Meals is where I create delicious quick healthy recipes and fabulous cheesecakes based on the 80/20 rule for eating. 80% healthy, 20% indulgent. I’m passionate about helping busy people live a diet free lifestyle. One where you can still enjoy cake!
Angela Entwistle from Only Crumbs Remain
The exciting thing about Froothie's newest blender is the vacuum function! No, it's not going to take over Henry's job twice a week, but rather it's a new function which sucks the air from the jug before the contents are blended. We all know how quickly apples, for instance, discolour when they're sliced or bitten into through contact with the air, known as oxidisation, leading to the breakdown of the nutritional content, and basically looking very unappetising.
Put simply, when the 70 second vacuum function is used before either the Smoothie or Fruit&Veg functions are selected (there's no need to use it with the other preset functions) the air is drawn out of the jug before being blended which, Froothie claims, gives a longer shelf life to foods where all nutrients are maintained. Read the full review.... Click Here."
Angela is a proud Yorkshire lass living in a vegetarian household with her husband and Ragdoll cat. Although a traditional baker she is not afraid to experiment with new ingredients, ideas and techniques. Whilst the focus of her blogOnly Crumbs Remain is on sweet treats, for sharing with family & friends, she also has a good selection of meat-free savoury recipes too.
Cathy White from Planet Veggie
" For the purpose of this review, I tested the VAC2’s air vacuuming properties and left my juice in the fridge for over 24 hours to see what would happen. …….. there is a tiny bit of difference – but had this not been made in an air vacuum blender, it would have separated massively. Now I solely use my VAC2 for smoothies/juices because of its air vacuuming properties and its ease of cleaning. I’ve also made soup in it and that comes out as velvety smooth as it did in the G2.1 and the cashew milk I made this morning blended perfectly and required no straining at all.Read the full review... Click here."
Cathy White writes at Planet Veggie, a food blog that concentrates on healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes. Her family friendly recipes can be seen in Foodgawker and Finding Vegan.
Janice Pattie from Farmersgirl Kitchen
You might think that one Power Blender is much like another, but you would be wrong. I’ve reviewed a few blenders for Froothie but the Optimum Vac 2 Air Vaccum Blender completely blew me away. Let me tell you more…
The juice ingredients only need to be peeled and roughly chopped, the Vac 2 does the rest. By blending in a Vacuum environment, the nutrients are fully preserved and freshness is retained. In a Vacuum, the smoothie is finer, smoother, and protected from separation and discolouration. By preventing the oxidation process, nutrients in fresh ingredients are fully preserved to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from every smoothie.Read the full review ... Click Here."
Lesley from A Scottish Mum
So, what do I think?
It’s big.  Not too big, but solid, and comforting that it will be up to the job for many years to come.  It’s like the daddy of my current blender from a different brand, which if I’m honest, is just not up to the job.  I’ve used my new gadget a few times, and it’s been fabulous. Read More...Click here."
Jac Meldrum
Lesley has been sharing family recipes, reviews and tips from her blog A Scottish Mum from her home in Aberdeen for the last 8 years. She also shares health and lifestyle as well as two soup ebooks which are free on Kindle Unlimited.
Mandy from Sneaky Veg
The smoothies I’ve made in my Air Vac have been the smoothest that I’ve ever made. And this is really important with my fussy kids because a single bit of texture and they won’t go anywhere near it! I’ve made smoothies with oats and seeds added and the results have been silky smooth. The vacuum function doesn’t have to be used by the way, it still makes great smoothies without it.
One clever feature is that it can make hot soup from raw ingredients……. And the result? Perfect, hot soup. Quite incredible.
It has been able to cope with blending the hot food without any problems – although it’s always advisable to take extra care when opening the blender lid after blending hot food.
I have also tested out making cashew nut milk which was so easy and turned out perfectly with no straining needed. Read the full review.... Click Here."
Mandy writes at Sneaky Veg where she shares easy vegetarian family recipes that are designed to get kids eating more fruit and vegetables – especially picky eaters.
Monica Shaw from Smarter Fitter
"I haven’t done any scientific experiments on the nutrient content of vacuum sealed vs non-vacuum-sealed smoothies, but the practical benefits around shelf life are very apparent.
This is great for us where our two main uses cases for smoothies are:
  • 5am pre-CrossFit smoothie
  • Adventure weekends, when we often set out before dawn for a big day hike or weekend wild camp, and need a quick breakfast that we can consume in the car en route to our destination

In both of the above cases, a make-ahead smoothie would be so useful. But previous attempts at this have resulted in unappetising sludge. Now we can happily make our smoothies the night before and not sacrifice quality the next morning (or irritate our sleeping partners by using the blender at an unfeasibly early hour!). Read the full review... Click here."
Monica is a fitness and health blogger who shares her adventures and her recipes on her blog Smarter Fitter. Her work has featured in The Daily Telegraph, Chef Magazine, Veg News and Great British Chefs et al.
Claire from Claire Justine
Wow, very impressive Science behind the Blender and the Vitamins you consume. Even my eldest Son who has a Masters Degree from Loughborough University was impressed when he made a surprise visit!
I love it. Great for my smoothies as mentioned. Also, a lovely recipe book comes with the blender. With loads of great ideas. My Husband has been wanting homemade soup for work so that is my next project.
Not often I would give a 5-star rating.
This though, no hesitation highly recommended.
5 out 5 for this amazing device. ☆☆☆☆☆.Read the full review ... Click Here."
Claire is a mum of four from Nottinghamshire and she has been blogging for 7 years. Her new blog is called Claire Justine, where she shares fashion, food, fitness and lifestyle posts. Claire is one of the top 10 lifestyle bloggers in the UK.
"It took 70 seconds to remove the air from the jug, then it started blending my Energy Boosting Green Smoothie. After 2 minutes total, it was done and I was looking at the smoothest smoothie I had ever seen.

BUT, how could I tell if it had really sucked out the air? Well, it became quite obvious when I tried to take off the lid without releasing the seal first. I wasn’t able to take it off without pressing the release button on top.
The smoothie contained almost no bubbles and I couldn’t find any signs of the seeds, happy days.
I decided to take it a step further. I poured the smoothie into a glass and let it sit on the counter for 5 hours. To my very surprise, the smoothie hadn’t changed colour or separated, mind blown.
Read the full review... Click here."
Eva is a a German-born Nutrition and Health Coach who lives and works in Dublin. Her recipes draw influences from all over the world and are simple and healthy dishes which cater to special dietary requirements such as digestive health issues, food intolerances, low energy, stress and weight management.
Katrin from the Sugar Free Londoner
I decided to stage a blend-off between my current power blender and the Froothie by making my favourite green smoothie (cucumber, celery, avo, lemon, spinach and mint).
And what about the oxidation? After one hour the “vacuum smoothie” still looked like it had just been poured, 
Read the full review ... Click Here."
Katrin lives in London and writes a blog dedicated to delicious family food without added sugar. Her blog an average monthly reach of over 3 million across highly engaged social channels where she shares her delicious sugar-free recipes and tips.
Vikkie from Tastefully Vikkie
"I … used my new Froothie Vac 2 Air Vacuum Blender, to whip (a French Fine Herbs Vinaigrette) up effortlessly. (it) has kept my dressing fresher for longer.
I have tried blending similar liquids before in my two cheapie blenders and even my soup maker’s juice setting. For smaller recipes like this, I’ve either been left with lumps, or my mini blender has been so small, the mixture has often rises to the top and escapes.
For those who know I like a power tool over at my DIY channel,  The Carpenter’s Daughter, this really is the most powerful blender I’ve ever used.
The smoothie contained almost no bubbles and I couldn’t find any signs of the seeds, happy days.
I decided to take it a step further. I poured the smoothie into a glass and let it sit on the counter for 5 hours. To my very surprise, the smoothie hadn’t changed colour or separated, mind blown.
Read the short review with recipe here or watch the full review on You Tube.
Read the full review... Click here."
Vikkie is a slimming recipe developer, cookbook author, YouTuber and journalist. Her blog has over a million views a year and her You Tube channel nearly 400 thousand views a year.
I tried the recipe in the cookbook for tomato soup, put everything in the blender and 6 minutes later I had a soup that was tasty and hot. Having a hot soup ready in less that 10 mins from when you walk in the door, with minimal wash up, is great!
I love my new Froothie Optimum VAC2 Air Vacuum Blender: It’s solidly-built, really simple to use, gets great results and is relatively easy to clean. If you are looking for a good blender and don’t want to spend more than €400 then the Optimum Vac2 Air Vacuum Blender is a great choice..Read the full review ... Click Here."
Fiona Staunton is a  Ballymaloe trained Chef and has a Degree in Education from Trinity.
Now as a Mum to two young children, she is passionate about healthy wholefood family cooking and has decided to open up her home for Cookery Demonstrations.
She is also a judge for the Irish Quality Food Awards and has written articles for magazines such as Mums and Tots on ‘Fermented foods and the family’.